Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Has it been that long?

Where do I start? Where did I leave off my last post?  Well I guess we can begin where I feel I jumped off the blogspot bandwagon. 

I guess to take the many months past, the significant change is a sour one to add. Sour in that one of businesses suffered and hemorrhaged while the other (smaller income) is stuttering to keep both businesses afloat. 

I put in anywhere from 10-18 hour days now and I find myself exhausted and aging faster than I can count my days, hours, minutes!

Times are changing.  In my own sentiment I wish time stood still.  And if it did where would I have stopped it-to relive it. That'll be another post someday.

Going back anf redirecting my brain to why I started writing this post. Its hard to be self employed.  Any issues with the businesses it is my responsibility to find a solution.  But truly it's tiring me out.

What does the future hold for the many islanders?  Are we plagued with a disease that haunts us, the economy?  While tourism is up it's rather unfortunate that businesses who reap the benefits are monopolized.

Dang I'm jumping in a variety of thought.  I am exhausted and will come back to writing this post to its entirety.

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