Monday, September 23, 2013

A few words spoken

He does not say much, but I know deep down inside his heart is full of love.
Weeks is what I had with him. Time is limited yet valuable to the situation.  He leaves for the Navy and I will surely miss him, my son Donovan.
I know you will fair well. You are strong, smart and fit. Your future holds no boundaries.  And the sky is the limit.  While out there please remember me as I always will do the same.
Be the boy I know who smiles and laughs genuinely without reservation.  Be the boy I know who cares so much for others other than himself.  Now be the man who believes he can make a difference. 
You go Donovan.  We are already proud if you. You should be proud of yourself as well. Much love from us back home.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Family is everything

 I'd Sacrifice All that I am for my Family!

They make me laugh, they make me smile, they make me angry at times and sad as well, but that is life that everyone endures it, but shared most in our household is the love for each other. The kindness and opened hearts that are seen freely within the halls, the rooms and walls that hold our secrets.

My family has become the pinnacle of feelings and emotions that coarse through my veins. the very root of expressing what is felt each day.

My wife Boni has taught me so much in the last 5 years together. She inspires me to to better, be a better father to our children, step up to making best choices for our children and more importantly she has taught me to love without hesitation, to love with conviction, to love with genuine honesty.

Boni is the stronghold of our family. no matter how I may look at situations, its her guidance with the soft heart that makes any day a better day.

She is loved and cherished by our children and of course my love for her is more than I have ever imagined. She is perfect in my eyes and that is why I married this woman to share my remaining years on earth.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Tops +More 6th issue

CNMI has many things to be thankful for. The people that make a difference, the season of giving is upon us and all the while, we are in spirit of good.

Tops + More brings you our 6th issue making yet another seasonal publication hit the CNMI. from foods to stories that make our CNMI whole, we at Bison Relations express our heartfelt appreciation to our clientele as well to our advertisers who keep this publication moving forward.

We bid you all good reading!

Tops + More 6th Issue

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