Friday, February 24, 2012

Curve Balls are Awesome!

Almost 4 years ago, I met her, she is awesome, beautiful, and intelligent. Who would have known that I was thrown a curve ball in life, usually I would strike out, but this was for sure a home run!

Year after year we build a strong and communicable relationship. Of course we had several bumps along the way, but I'd have to admit, as we age, I see her beauty come to perfection.

She will be celebrating her birthday two days from now. She wants nothing, but relaxation, I respect that knowing how hard she works, she deserves it!

         Dearest Honey:

It has been and will continue to be the greatest love I share with you. you are a remarkable person and I see you for the person you truly are. You share your love easily, you build up the man that I am, you treasure moments with our children, your kind and unselfish, your intelligent and by all means extremely beautiful and sexy.

As we grow together, know that I only wish for a lasting marriage. Our efforts and initiative to making this happen with that we are doing is working and without it, things would be rather different. I give my love to you knowing I get it in return ten folds. There is no doubt we were meant for each other.
Yes you Honey, I love you!

I love you more each day, your hubby,


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