Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mothers Day for a Special Someone... Love Letter

Dearest Honey:

Another year comes before us as we had recently celebrated our anniversary, but today marks you holiday, your special day, your mothers day in our home and in our hearts.

You are the rock that holds us in place, you endure all emotions, you have shown us ways to love more and for that I am sure the children and I are forever grateful.  The life we share has its up and downs, but that's our life together, the more we share with each other, the more I can't live without you. You see, at any day of the year, I celebrate my love for you and on this day-Mothers Day- the world celebrates for you too.

Your qualities as a woman, a mother is the wow factor! I only saw this more as my life with you pushes day by day and I am more impressed with who I have in my life to love. You are beautiful all around and from me, you take my every breath.

Boni, honey, love, friend, partner, I love you. Happy Mothers Day baby!

Love your hubby,


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