Monday, January 10, 2011

NMI ET - Online commentators become critics of life, justice, economy, politics...

Entertainment tonight from the CNMI captures yet another headline story featuring the NMI leaders, the business person of the year, rapist/sex offenders released at minimal charges and of the course, government in shambles: asserting a trim down government- payless paydays!

To the critic, its perfectly fine to become the critic you are, but one must consider what have you done to make change in the CNMI? What have you contributed to sit idle in the comfort of your office chair or home and dictate or judge others actions. Lets take a look at the Marine Monument. At one point everyone thought of the project as opportunity, the lawmakers were being Shepperd in to believe its good considering an approval was necessary, but not that you think of, I for one am glad it took the course it did. More time was allotted to think about the issue, I am not saying I am against the monument, but I realize that the lawmakers had a point to make, had an issue to be thought out and sure enough there were more issues than one. Nevertheless, the negotiation was needed to get our statement across, Thanks to Angelo and Laurie and everyone else as well our lawmakers for ensuring that we did not just lose everything, but at least something to gain.

Today we have a monument, etched in the books of Congress, whats next?  Then you have the inflated government, I don't disagree with the comments that get in stating the government is fat and needs to be trimmed, but where would you start? I wonder if those critics are working for the government and whether they realize what could possibly happen to their employment if any. Can the private sector pull the weight of 4K plus employees? I don't think so. This is ir rational if the lawmakers think that the private can absorb such.

Food stamps, Lehap, HUD funds, there's so much out there. Alright, so the news is news, the reporting are either factual, opinionated or possibly baseless (yup, the worst news). Then again, the critics are horrid with some of their online comments.  I believe in speaking freely, I believe in choices, but to degrade and place showmanship of what you feel you know versus that of any actions, in my opinion is hypocritical.

I don't know why I wrote this, but I think its has been weeks from reading online comments on the Variety that has got me feeling disgusted by some comments.  Everyone seems to be a theorist, a know it all, scientist if you will.


bigsoxfan said...

Your post spells out the reasons that I don't comment at the variety, much as the gorge in my throat impells me too at times.
Much better to say, Hi, Wayne. Things are looking good from what I see, I wish more people on island and the mainland would just follow your example with their best effort.

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