Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Call me hypocrite, but hear what I have to say!

On my last post I confronted the notion of being self employed versus that of being employed through another.  Yes, there is my hypocritical slap in the face, but hear me out and then you be the judge.

Self employment proved to be exciting, fun and freedom as you know it could be, but let alone the frustrations, headaches, and keeping sanity was an all time high. Only because you work for yourself and the finances are not regular, they are up or down.

Whereas, being employed has its benefits and set backs too. Now I must conform to a schedule, a routine, a result-driven ambiance while being conservative. Possible, but challenging... I wake each morning thinking what day would bring at the new position I hold by being employed. Time is now a factor, I am no longer prone to being the free bird I once was for several months, but then again, I have income, regular income to satisfy the bills I am responsible for. Yet let alone, my daily routine has not changed much, I still do the errands, pick up the kids from school, but this time I rush back to the office where it was once an easier path, no rush take your time, my self employment work will still be there.

Today, two jobs are at hand by me. I am trying to see how this all goes together, not an easy task, but doable, the question is can I continue to do this? Was I a hypocrite? Yes I was, but with reason... hehehe!

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