Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 2010, BISON Relations is a year old!

Straddling down and cracking the whip as I see this in my head there are many mornings where I ask myself, hmmm, how will today be? Will I be productive? Will this investment I made pay off? This was on-going for a year now since the inception of BISON Relations a year ago this month. My wife, supportive as she is, and dedicated to assisting me build this business said to me yesterday,
"Keep in mind business starts slow and eventually will succeed with hard work and dedication".
My partner, Ulysses Torres-Sabuco in this endeavor said, "Wow! This month is difficult just as last year when we first started". I responded, yes, I did not expect this. I guess the merry-go rounds and the whimsical-ness of running a business and hitting the ground running makes you look back at all the accomplishments as well the heartaches that were poured into what now already is a living breathing company. Supported by many and it supports many as well, I am glad to have started this venture.

A year ago, I was working out of home, no one knew that I had started something, I wondered each time I stayed up late and created more work for myself whether I was on the right path or was I just dreaming. My wife told me before this got going..."I may join the service to find alternative income", that was it! Being the man of the house, I could not see this happen. I went running with a business that I am passionate about and yet scared to wits I might fail, but never trying would have never made me realize what I enjoy the most, entrepreneurship..I love it!

It took several months before I could find a place to situate the business. With one desk and a computer to start off, my office was bare. No signs, no printers, just me, the desk and my computer. Slowly it took face and appearance. Slowly it morphed to looking like an office. Slowly we have become a company.
New plans on the horizon, a new building under renovation to move my business where I could flourish with more people and the development of a hopeful corporation that will enable people to have jobs in the CNMI. Can I do this? Can BISON Relations weather the storm of a weakened economy? Can the weakened economy support a business like this?
Many questions that cannot be answered, but I believe with proper planning and staging of money play for success, there is a great possibility to grow and enrich the lives of my family as well others who depend on such a business for a living.
Products released into the Community, this is only but a few!

My determination, my dreams, my reasons for waking each morning and pushing myself is made possible by the people I hold dear to my heart. My children and my wife inspire me, my family, my partner who shows support and confidence. These shared emotions only tells me to keep going, and keep doing what I enjoy most.


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