Saturday, July 3, 2010

Weekend Toils for weekend spoils...

July 3rd 2010, a Saturday that was just beginning. My six children, have yet to awaken, I get up only on the basis of turning off the Air Conditioners. I think to myself, ok, here we go, no housekeeper today, your all alone and they will wake with rumbling stomachs and many other request that will ring in my ear like a broken record.

I lay back in bed and a few minutes later, Wade has this plastic figurine of a lego spaceman in front of me. "Dad, dad, daddy, mornin'... see, he is looking at you snoring", he says.... I laugh and say good morning Wadey boy! Mind you this is 06:14am. It's going to be a long day!

Number two child wakes and gets a hold of my camera, now things start getting louder at home. Oh by this time, Wade and I had dropped off Tony to his band practice for their concert at DFS later in the afternoon. I felt his eagerness to have me see his performance, I was proud to know he wanted my presence even though he did not directly say, I knew he wanted me there. I was so proud!

As I returned, I looked at what was to be made for breakfast. Looked in the fridge, looked in the pantry, but nothing suits the day or at least I felt. Nannie comes up by mentioning if we had lumpia wrapper (rice wrapper), and I smiled saying, nope... Then viola! I had an idea, fresh banana sugar glazed crepes!!!! Yummy-yum-o!

Ok, we get to work! Nannie gets on the bananas and I start the crepe wrap.  I stated, please when touching the bananas outer-skin with both hands do not touch the inside after as it will be dirty.  "Ai adai si dad so concerned on the dirt or other black thingys that may get on the bananas", says Nannie... Yet, she followed directions and made sure the bananas were so clean.

Not sure on what the crepe batter is, I called Mac out for pointers and he went to work for me by contacting Googs for details....First... Second....

1. Flour 1 1/2 cup
2. 1/4 butter
3. 1 1/2 milk
4. 2 eggs
5. 2 pinch salt

Ahh, success batter made! Now to start cooking.

Nannie, I will make the crepe wraps first, cut the bananas in half then place them slightly over the sugar plate for coating. Cutting away she went.

Glazing the bananas with a sugar coat for sweetness into the crepe browning the fruit for texture. Smells fantastica!

First one made, crepe wrap needs color, but thats another story!  Ha! no colored greens or other fruits to accompany the lonely crepe on the plate, however, I was not complaining, no one was!!! After breakfast, I hear the planning taking place, who will ask as they did the night before... Ok, deep breath, its going to start again...

"Dad, what are we doing today?" asks Nannie... "Wayne are we doing anything today?" asks Hope... "Umm Dad, whats happening today?" says Donny... and the other just stares.... These questions came in from different angles at slightly different times as if practiced to deliver the best performance in acting.

Wheeling and dealing. Rather than toiling around doing nothing, lets clean up and I'll think about it.  Donny on the dishes, jay on the bedding, Hope on the table and .....Nannie...

Oh yeah, she is on the floor.  They pitched in and I was very pleased.  Now, I guess I have to say something... Ok, guys after all is done, I want everyone to shower... The questions start again, "why? can't we shower later?", says Nannie..."Shower? Are we going somewhere?' asks Hope... Ok guys yes, I have a plan.

Ahhh, yes we are going!

However, I would like to finish my coffee first guys!

All showered and ready to go... "ummm daddy, where we going?"....You will find out soon. Did some errands, laughed in the car and joked with everyone, Hope and Nannie making funny faces... It was nice...

I saw in the paper on Friday, pizza hut had some specials going on, it was our lunch, but I may say a very late lunch.

Donny happy for Pizza!

Jay saying, did you know I only ate one crepe and it filled me? Ahh, yes I do remember as I only made one per child, I am glad you are not overeating...

Nannie and hope, wishing the pizza was already placed. It was only 10 minutes since we ordered.  Oh yeah the order was 2 pizzas 2 toppings. Hope and Donny - Mushroom and sausage, Nannie and Jay, Chicken and Pepperoni... Wade, bread sticks...Daddy, ok, only that!

Wade contemplating his secret thought...

"I want to tell you my secret.... I love you daddy!"

A group shot, but missing Mommy, Tony, Peyton and Sommer... Afterwards, DFS for Tony's concert appearance with SSHS Manta Band and the Guam Territorial Band.  This should be nice to watch.

Come on Donny! Why can't you smile... "Sheesh! it is so hot outside and my butt is on fire from this chair!", says Donny.

Oh Yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Hope trying to sing while Wade takes notice of the camera.. "Me, Me, Me!"

Weirdo in action, but great laughs!

Hey sister!

And there he is, Tony and his trombone along with about 50 members of the group playing at DFS. I am so proud of him, he came to a 180 degree turn when Mr. Dewitt asked him to join the band for this liberation day.  I am proud of my son! He has spent his last 72 hours in practice with the group.  Keep it up son!

Right after the concert tony comes to me and says, "ummm Wayne, the members are going to Big Dipper afterwards, do you have at least $3.00 for my ice cream while there?"... No problem here is $5.00. Enjoy yourself and call me when your ready to come home. "Thanks", he replies.

Lets take a group shot! I say and they all look at me like dad, there are so many people, hahahaha, I don't care I want this shot! Snap!

The last leg, taking the walk to the car to head home and relax.  The weekend toilers got some spoiling, but then again, it was not that much after all.  I miss my wife as I am sure she would have been proud of me on how I handled the children this weekend.


Bon said...

Looks like the kids had a great time and you captured the helping out on film, lol. Nice job on the sugar banana crepes, honey.

bigsoxfan said...

Somehow, I missed some great posts Wayne. The future of the Mariannas has a great start in children raised with your love and wisdom.

Thought you oughta know... said...

Thanks for your comment, it means a lot. Love and wisdom is what we can offer them as we know that will never fade away, its not material, but the emotional aspect and that it is learned and practiced means we have succeeded.

I am writing slowly, but it's coming around, here and there!

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