Saturday, June 26, 2010

A fathers love misunderstood...

I guess at times, your children mistaken you for being a tough, self-centered person when instilling discipline. It is funny however that I try as hard to teach only what I was taught as young boy growing to be man.  Expectations are meant to be broken and you know what, I understand. I just hope they understand me as well.

My wife has taught me to love in different ways, discipline with love was new to me as that was something I did not endure growing up, it was either you messed up and will be disciplined or you don't and probably still get disciplined. Ha ha ha....

Anyways back to my subject, I feel that there are times when a fathers love is misunderstood.  I personally feel that my strictness makes my children feel that I don't love them, but I do, different strokes for different folks is what it is. I came into my children's lives with my 2nd wife after they have already experienced a different lifestyle. Nevertheless, I try to show my unconditional love for them, by doing what I feel is best.  It is a challenge, but I am hoping that in the future they will see that I never once looked away and treated them any different from that of my own blood.

To all my children, daddy loves you all!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Surpassing Expectations Update....

With my expectation stated in January of this year through this blog, I mentioned areas of challenges and dreams come to reality. Well, the couture of things are this:

1. BISON Relations is operating and taking off. It's time to fine tune and reorganize to build equity with the business model. Our name is out there and clients are so pleased with the professional work provided.

2. National Guard was what I really wanted to get into, certain issues affected my enlistment, nevertheless, I am still eager to find myself as a service member in the future.

3. Non-profit group for Humanitarians is kicking butt! Although still in its infancy stages, through proper leadership we have accounted for many fundraising activities and are now looking at growing the organization for international sponsorship of children. Recently we have just opened up in the Philippines whereas, 3 children are being sponsored with $30.00 per month each for their livelihood, health and education.  It isn't much, but it surely helps.

So in essence, I am buzzing like a buzy bee, but that's fine as long as I make time for my family.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

HELLER :) Yes, yes, its been a while!

I officially welcome myself back to the world of blogging, I kinda miss it and then again, a great way to keep tabs on the developments that have been a part of me and those who are in my life good and bad, but more so the good from here on out!
Ok, I thought I'd make myself look funny and yes, i should close my mouth, but I was multi-tasking at the time. Try this, hold your camera in one hand and a popcorn or m&m in the same hand and toss, catch with your mouth.... Hahaha, wait a minute, then you question how was the photo captured, see that was the amazing part of it!  I tossed high enough to refocus on the shot, hoping I would have caught in time as the photo was taken... Unfortunately, that was not the case...

Good to be back!

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