Saturday, January 23, 2010

Unequivocally surpassing expectations

Throughout life, there has been many obstacles that hindered progress. I know it will never subside as these hurdles and challenges plague me horrendously. However, my luck has changed.

Why do I use the term luck? Well, I am a firm believer that the woman in your life resurrects or better yet, vehemently entices one to progress. In my case, I am with my perfect match. Unequivocally she gives me the motivation, the drive to succeed in what I do. To date, my accomplishment listed is not of a huge number, but an accomplishment of what I intend to do or become as I surpass my expectations.

They are:

1. Opened my own business once again, a PR company called BISON Relations. Funny how I thought of this name only the very purpose of the actual animal. Used as my company name for its strength, cunning mobility, gracefulness, embodied stature, then again, when considering my wife's name Boni, the letters in BISON has Boni written all over it. The perfect name for my business.

2. Joining the armed forces. I have done so much in my short life to date, yet I have not been challenged by the Armed Forces. I am curios and eager to find my calling, it may not be it, but I would want to try. What have I got to loose, aside from being deployed to dangerous grounds, then again, I lay my life in the hands of our almighty.

3. President of a non-profit group called Empty Vessel. A humanitarian organization helping others to find stability and financial solvency for themselves. I am proud to serve in this capacity, however not easy with my duties and tasks at hand.

Over the years, I have succeeded in many occasions as well have failed. That has never stopped me from getting up and rising to the occasion once again. I've used my failures to strengthen myself, I mean, my failures are not your common failures in life. I strangely placed myself in such predicaments that would need a crane with large spools of cable to pull me out of the depth I dug myself into. Funny how life composes and defines you as a person.

Closing out this post has got me thinking of where I am today. What have I become? Who am I in this world? I am simple and hardworking and I know that only good things come from those traits. I am a family man, a father, a dad, a lover, a partner, a businessman, a speaker, a confidant, and a friend to say a few. Hence without encouragement from my family, I would never have done what I am doing today. My wife supports me in my endeavors and for once in my life I was told "I am proud of you". My wife said this to me last week as I spoke on behalf of MLK and the non-profit group I head. I love my life, I love the people around me, I love my children, and most of all I love my wife as she defines me.


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