Thursday, January 7, 2010

Transition...What does that mean in life?

It was last month, December 2009, that I pondered on thoughts about my current position, my job, my income. I thought to myself, although I enjoy the people I work with, I believe I am coming to a closure of this part in my life, my roots have been uprooted and I am blowing wherever the wind's direction is going, but not until I can secure financial means for my family.

Of course I am not that free moving like the wind, but have the drive and motivation to move on. My responsibilities for my family hold me planted and re-rooted to where I am, well at least for a while that is. How far do I go? I plan to enlist with the Guam National Guard, a career change? No, I do this to support my family, I know it is not an easy decision to make, but it is one that will enable my family with a life I am longing to provide them. I have started my business in August 2008, a Public Relations company and now I have just signed my first yearly contract with the Public School System. I am grateful for the blessings and particular the support I have received over the past months from key people who have entrusted my company and my companies talents. My excitement and challenges begin.

Today, I will find myself at the Commonwealth Utilities Corporation, setting up my power for my new office. A place of my solitude where I can focus and rethink strategies and move in a direction of profits, hopefully that is. My WIFE, who is my partner, best friend, and lover supports my endeavors. I appreciate her support as I want her involvement when the time comes, but then again, how far do I go with this? The challenges of running a business on Saipan, hence, everywhere else in the world is not easy. Global economic downturn is affecting everyone, including a small business like mine. Intervention, creativity will have to take place. Soon, I tell myself as I will enable more time to developing my business. I am career oriented, I am motivated, I am scared of what is there for me with what I am doing, but I wish to have no regrets and I will do what I can to say in the least, I have no "what ifs?".

I tend to see this as a transition in my life, does that make sense? can it be called a transition? All I can say is am hoping that with this new changes I tend to make, I would only hope for the best, but it is mere fact that actions are what depict your success or failures, I am not going to fail! I carry with me my cross, I will not drop it, and if I do, I will not dwell on how far it fell, I will ensure that i quickly pick it up and trudge along with lessons learned.

Wish me luck as I start on my transition...


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