Thursday, January 14, 2010

Karma hits 10 fold on Mouth!

Last Monday, January 11, 2010, the inauguration of my father in law was staking place at the legislative senate chamber. Boni and I were there since the beginning. Low and behold, my ex-in-laws sat right in front of us. I did not really care to feel indifferent, I worried more on my wife who sat right next to me. I wondered what was going through her head as she sees these individuals, one who has spoken ill of her when in fact not knowing her at all. Carelessly, my ex-mother in-law as in her own arrogant ways opens her mouth for attention. I have always realized that she craves to be on center stage. Today was yet another day to showcase herself that way.

I was pleased with my wife's attitude, she is truly a respectable and honorable woman. I on the other hand cannot compare to her standards. Nevertheless, the mouth who sat in front of us opened, she giggled on and on hideously as others kept quiet listening to the procession taking place. No one understood why she giggled like she did. I looked around and saw that others were looking at her with bewilderment. Baffled as to what is so funny and then turn away as if she did not exist. Well she really did not exist and no one really cared of her presence where she probably believed they did.

As my father in-law announced his replacement, he spoke of words indicating a transition. He spoke in English as not everyone in the room would have understood our native tongue Chamorro. As he stepped down from his post as the Senate President of the 16th Legislature, the new President presided for the 17th legislature. He then now spoke in our native tongue and what I heard from mouth in front of me disturbed me. She opened her foul invasive mediocre mouth that was intended for my wife and I to hear, she says, "I am glad to hear this speaker as the first one could not speak" (in Chamorro). She failed to realize that her speaking is that of an elementary child, yet she criticizes one who understands the English language very well and practices the use of the language.

My wife did not hear this, but I told her what she said. On and on we watched the proceedings take place. At one point, mouth decided to move to seat next to her which places her in closer distance to both Boni and I. Immediately, Boni says, "What's that smell? It stinks?", of course I was not listening at the time, but I did notice a few heads turn to see what Boni was talking about. As she explains to me, it related to mouth now sitting in front of me, the person sitting two chairs away from her turned and giggled at my wife as she made the comment.

Interesting enough, Karma hit 10 fold in that short moment. Funny how things turn around so quickly. be careful mouth as the next time, it will not be that subtle.


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