Saturday, September 12, 2009

Taking it all in!

Grrr.... finances, finances...I received a letter from the CNMI Tax and Revenue Office stating I am needed to come in and straighten out my 1040 submission.. Hmmm, I wonder why? I asked myself.

I was so curious at the same baffled by what is the problem with my tax submission. I drove up to the Tax & Rev Office, parked, took a deep breath, oh....bare in mind I am not receiving this year, but paying on chapter 2, the first time it happened to me. Anyhow, I went in, picked a number to be seen, when I was called, the attending woman says politely, "good afternoon, how may I help you sir?", I smiled in return and greeted her as well and I responded, I received this letter as I showed it to her, she took one look and said, "oh my, may I get your social security number?" I passed it along verbally and she typed it in, now I started to sweat, her comment gave me a scare. My thoughts on having to make another payment haunted me...She grinned for a moment as she went over the computer screen looking at what's the problem. My sweat continued to downpour from my head, to cheek and other parts of my heated body from the pent up feeling of anticipation.

She said "Mr. Pangelinan, I'm afraid you did not report on your interest received for the year, there are bank interest on a savings account as well your CNMI Retirement Fund interest", she commented. Ok, a sigh of relief. As she wrote down the amount, I came to realize that my RF amount is huge in interest and said to myself, oh my, am I to cover these cost again? How will I do this?

The thought of more hardship rattled my brain. She smiled as she gave me the documet wih the written amount on it, I looked at her in disbelief, I said thank you and walked away. By this time, everything is sinking in. My worries got the best of me and I was taking it all in, I feel like I am on my last string. Quite disturbing... Shoots, I did not ask whether I am to pay for all these? What would my wife feel about the debt I am about to share with her? Damn! I'm in another bind.


bigsoxfan said...

Trust. Your wife, not necessarily the government. Mine is living a difficult life half a world away and she doesn't hesitate to forgive my past mistakes which have left her there while I clean up the mess. I can't say as I know your missus that well, but I find it hard to believe such a person would leave you on the curb for a small oversight. Lets here it for petty tax laws, they give couples a chance to see what is really important.

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