Monday, August 31, 2009

A taste of solitude

It was not long ago when I imagined my childhood upbringing. It was hard, difficulty at its best that one would endure. The essence of molding a young boy soon to be man at his young age had dreams, big dreams that may have been impossible to reach. As young as I was, I remember the lifestyle that enhanced my understanding of believing in yourself, the joy of accomplishment and the demise of torment. I've longed for peace at mind, I wanted a good taste of solitude.

Years have passed me by and yet I still see myself in this ever-changing world eager to challenge what comes my way. I push, struggle, defeat or get beaten by my very actions. The lessons that I thought I have learned have only been a phase of what's ahead and that one day, all will come back to test my patience, my understanding, my character, but now as a man.

Tonight, a night like every other night, I find myself in complete solitude. A calm serenity fills my heightened desire for peace. Favorable noises I've become accustomed to. A cooling sensation of an air conditioner keeping the room temperature just the way I want it. Stay like that...Keep me cool...Help me to relax... and so it has, I sink into the bed, fluff a pillow and shape it nicely where I can lay my head with comfort. Just a few sounds lingering in the background, yet soothing. I am in a solitude state of mind, I am experiencing solitude at its best.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Papago Fogged Up!

Almost a complete week of rain, pouring days and nights, the nights are chilly and moist, the grounds are all soft and mucky, the winds carry scents of ocean spray, but what astounded me most was the Papago Fog... I have not seen fog since my last visit to Oregon, although I believe I came out a little too late in the morning to see the actual thickness of it, but I still was enjoying the drive.

A nice drive in the tropical fogged up papago winding roads on Saipan...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Shame on ME!

Shame on me as the hours turned into days, and days turned into months, shame on me on the most cherished days of mothers, I did not deliver. I kept to myself, knowing full well that I did not make the best of that one day for who I love dearly.

My regrets are deep, but not forgotten...

My dear love Boni,

I hope that my inadvertent shortcomings have not made you feel unappreciated. I have something for you, it just took a little longer than the date it was originally set for, the perfect gifts are usually a waiting process, but in the end priceless. In this I carve a permanent place in our home, in your life and with this, I share more than what is expected...

Happy belated Mother's Day!

Yes, the process took longer for this gift of love and affection, I did not forget and worked diligently to make this a reality for you Boni. The ambiance will change, it's precision built for convenience, the usefulness made to express itself on it's own, I hope you will cherish this...

Loving you in more ways than you can imagine, I remain,

your husband

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