Sunday, June 21, 2009

Who stands for the Commonwealth?

A family gathering took place yesterday as we celebrated my youngest daughters 5th year birthday as well my two Jr. High graduates. It was the perfect day for an outing at the beach, the wind blew gently and consistently, the water seemed mirror like only until the jet ski rider rips through the water creating ripples as far as one can see. It was this perfect where friends and family gathered and shared concerns on the upcoming guberatorial election, only reason this came us is the Juan/Galvin duo were adjacent to us as they prepared for their campaign party. "Who stands for the Commonwealth?" asked an individual..

The question lingered in my head, but as I continued to listen, the discussion took a turn, where all candidates are of equal status today and no indiference is seen amongst them, this would be a difficult choice for voters to make. Again, the question lingers, who stands for the Commonwealth? Our candidates make promises, some may be kept and some not and we cannot hold them to it if they do not meet the promises as expectations always depending on circumstances. The question asked for who will lead us, who will endure the painstaking decisions that could affect their constitutents in the name of keeping the Commonwealth alive. The question asks, which candidate will make a change for better and stop this non-sense hirings of friends and family who simply cannot fulfill their basic duties and repsonsibilities when given positions at the helm of critical government agencies, and offices.

When placing your vote this primary election as well the actual gubernatorial elections, set aside preference, set aside, the 'I Know him", set aside the promised jobs for family and friends, but set your expectations on who will stand for the Commonwealth!


DATALIG said...

Hey Wayne....great post. I hear you, man!

They will all say they stand for the commonwealth but who will really?? I want to see those that really do stand up, have a good moral and ethical background, and leads by example. Would like to see candidates that inspire the people to challenge and be challenged.

Now will the real Commonwealth "Stand Up!"

Road-Block Blogger said...

Yup, again this was the conversation that took place at the beach and thought I should share as it did spark interest. I am glad you liked it and I too wish to see who is the person(s) that will stand up for the Commonwealth.

1nce a week... said...

I'm more interested in how did the beach conversation go with family and friends? I mean did you sensed who is leaning towards who and did the beer kick in to raise good arguments?

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