Sunday, May 31, 2009

"The bull and I"

May 27, 2009...Here was a day of precarious feelings, I had no reason to feel that way, but circumstances prior to the day had engulfed my senses.

A quick stare, a glance with utter detestation as I viewed the room and hallways. I hear voices echoing through the halls, no matter how distant, pressure waves hit my ear drums in all directions, they come as muffled noises where some could be made out clearly while others remain white noises. My bull stood beside me, intimidating the others, I sighed with relief and now knowing that my hands rest in the words of my bull in today's eventful yet stressing ordeal.

"I know these people" stated a well-respected individual as he looked upon us from his seat, I stared and smiled and nodded my head with a facial expression indicating acknowledgment. I felt as if I emanated a statement from my mind through my facial expression "yes, I know you too sir, please allow me to finish today"... My silent posture and direct eye contact could have sent that message across the room, it did, I was blissful.

Now I get to set things straight, I am tired of playing games, I am tired of games played against me, now I get to set things straight, again...

As my bull showed his strength in a calm, soothing, yet poignant display of selected words, I knew that the parasite and her carrier would have to conjur up something strong to go against it. Yes, I was relieved. The parasite backed off, her carrier realized he was on the pedestal for mockery. I am relieved in the system as my last ordeal left me belittled, confused, and upset in that the system failed me, but today, it left me with high spirits for that I had the opportunity to set things straight.

You see parasite, there will battles you may think you have won, but let alone, I will not allow myself to be taken by lies, deceit and by cruel intentions from diseases caused by such parasites. My bull and I will continue to set things right... Enjoy!


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