Monday, May 4, 2009

The A.L.L. When is enough - enough?

The tone of voices ramble through my head, I wonder whether I defended myself on what I believe in. I spoke of TRUTH, yet the lies and cheats of individuals ravage through the conversation that eventually caught the audience and made them believe I am at fault. The truth was buried. I wondered whether I was screwed once again and thought to myself, could people really be that selfish, greedy, insensitive.. Oh yes they can be and then I asked when is enough, enough?

I was in court today, and I could not believe what had happened but I'll save that for another post when it is all over. A feeling held me in a trance since the time I woke this morning. I felt a surge of uneasiness and could not bring myself to a calming stage. Aside from the day to day work related duties that need to be dealt with, I was engulfed with thoughts of preparing myself of what to expect. Yeah... that did the trick!

When your down and you are constantly feeling blows that won't stop, your mind races and brings you to a different mode. My mode was frustration, anguish, pain and also sorrow for the ones who show the interest of greed from my hard work and indulgence. Yes, I blame myself for this action upon me, it could have been avoided if I took the other step as was advised, but I did not and it led me to where I am today.

However, no regrets, I have learned a great deal of this ordeal and will establish myself even stronger for the next battle I am to entangle myself in. What would that be, next in line? Come forward and let's dance!


1nce a week... said...

I am not there to be on your side of the bench, but bro i hope that you can gather supporters on your bench the next time around that would help the overwhelming blows.

plumeria*girl said...

You are stronger than you think you are. Don't let those modes break your barriers!

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