Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gotta love weekends!

If your like me, then as the weekend approaches, a plan must be in place, check. The plan must have something that kids enjoy, check. Create an experience for everyone, check. Save some time and energy for the wife, double check!!! Gotta love the weekends.
For family fun and enjoyment, sometimes creating dinner with all hands on deck is all you need, the feast of love as each member of the family carefully take their roles seriously. This evening, we had decided at the last hour (3:27pm) to have a BBQ dinner. Time and sunlight is not in our favor and if it was just for the wife and I to cater to hungry children all by ourselves, I don't think we would have made it on time.

This dinner engagement with the family opened up a new perspective in family respect and coherence. As we started to prepare dinner, the marination, the veggies that needed to be chopped, the grill to be cleaned, the drinks to be prepared and chilled, the achote (red rice) to soak, to my surprise, all hands came to the rescue. The effort put in motion created this ambiance of content upon me and the people who I adore and love completely. Although, the other four children could not be with us, I am sure that they were in minds of everyone on the dinner table.

As dinner progressed, I thanked the family for their asssistance to making such a wonderful dinner, we were in all smiles, each said their own thanks for a wonderful meal in front of their hungry eyes. I loved this weekend and will love more as we build the fond memories of this life Boni and I choose for one another.


DATALIG said...

Awesome post. Aren't the weekends great?! Just reminds me of the days we'd do the same when we were back in da islands. In fact, we do it out here in the mainland....but only in the summer.

After reading your post and seeing the pictures....I definitely got hungry for BBQ but it's breakfast time here in the Pac NW.

Road-Block Blogger said...

Thanks! I am sure that any day is a great for BBQ. Wait, any time of the day is also great for BBQ, especially if the BBQ is a day old, now that's when the flavors of the marination kick in.

Truly this was one of the greatest weekends I have had in a while.

plumeria*girl said...

Everytime I have BBQ, I'm in that relaxed state of mind and feel like I'm back home. I'm not sure about you, but for some odd reason, BBQ and red rice tastes particularly better on the weekdays than on the weekends ;)

Road-Block Blogger said...
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Para i familiaku said...

AWWW.... so nice! I especially liked your checklist for the weekend. Meals that are prepared with other family members taste so much better, doesn't it?! Plus, you can never go wrong with barbecue and red rice.......

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