Monday, April 27, 2009

Fuel Down, Commodoties on the Rise!

A few months back we complained about the rising of fuel causing everything to go up, or at least that was what we saw.  It gave every business a reason to raise prices despite old stock on shelves purchased before the rising of fuel, meaning, the cost on commodoties should not have risen on old stock, but they did as new shipment came in.  Granted it's business, but sometimes, as a consumer, I feel duped.

Well now, fuel prices have been steady, yet commodoties have not really gone down, overall there is still an 11% increase on food items and this was at the height of fuel cost.  Is this fair?


Political arena awe's another new candidate...

Vicky Guerrero expresses her interest in the political arena for the upcoming election in precint I.  As I understand, this is the precint that has many seats and therefore much competition.  At least this puts another young fresh mind to wit what our government is doing and where we are heading.  Not to say my friends and I say respectable friends on hill have not done the best they could, given the circumstances, but as many say, maybe it's time to see a shift, a change in political power and new faces, new ideas.   

Who knows, but I like what I see, more young, avid change seekers, vying for seats on the hill.  Good luck to Vicky and good luck to those who may want to get into the political arena!


John said...

commodities are going up due to dwindling market size. as population decreases and fixed costs remain steady, a business is forced to increase costs to stay operational or close shop. Another huge factor is the loss of an export product (garments). Within the last couple of months, shipping prices continue to rise because someone has to get that boat where it came from.. hence, the increased shipping rates that are carried over to wholesalers and businesses. The hard part may come if global fuel prices rise again.. this will hit us real hard.. that is a scary thought..

this is the time when we need to ask Uncle Sam for help in alternative energy products to offset costs to businesses and the government.. A subsidy of some sort to help implement alternatives would help..

if global fuel rates go up coupled with continued population decline, it will be hard for any business not to increase their prices..

DATALIG said...

I, too, am glad to see new faces vying for a seat up on the hill. Heck, I think you have great views that can assist us up on the hill, as well. You'll get my support. Biba!

The Saipan Blogger said...

Actually, I think more seats = less competition.

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