Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fascinating yet mysterious in it's own right...

Remember the days when you would sit and enjoy a slightly horror to the horror-horrific film. The creaking noises, the sound of a bird gawking as it flies past, the simple yet intricate background music having you grip your seat in suspense, and there you have a picturesque image of an old moss-filled, leafless tree depicting death or slow dying insisting the creepiness of it?... hahahaha... I love it, I wonder how the new movie "a haunting in Connecticut" is going? does that sound all to familiar? I am a fan of horror at its best, what a trip to see these horrifying events actually happen on the big screen, as they say it is based on a true story.

Here is our tree at home, this is Boni's favorite tree despite its image portraying no life, death-by-death imagery, the horror of dying and knowing it is upon y0u, but look closely, it possesses such pristine beauty in itself. At first, I did not think of it that way, but after a while, I've grown to enjoy this and with it's all intent purposes of how it has become an attribute to the property. This thorn in the rose bush, a diamond in the rough, has now captured my fascination, but solely expresses is mysteriousness....tch tch tch hha hha hha...

Share a tree, a bush, something that expresses a hidden treasure. Find it's hidden beauty disguised by many factors that one must look beyond to see it and appreciate it.

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