Monday, April 20, 2009

Could it be?

In the islands, the idiom of such a place like this little string of pine tree leaf cave is what we grew up to know as the home of a dwarf... Looks creepy especially at night where a flashlight's beam is all you see in front of you natural sounds of animal species in their habitat make their calling noises. You use your imagination and all the horrific tales from the past come to reality.
Hmm. Brings back memories of old folk tales told to us as young children for adults to have a great laugh!!! Hahahahaha... Now I am laughing sharing the same tales.


bigsoxfan said...

Had the same sort of thought this weekend; "within our adults limits, our children allow us to revisit our childhood imaginations" The true joy is to immerse yourself in the child and share their young imagination. Our jobs are merely to temper the late night frights when the scary reality of their dreams overwhelms them. I can't say it has ever bothered me to wake up at night and quiet a frightened youngster. Their job is to live and dream and who could blame them for dreaming a little more than a young mind can handle. Besides, we all know that being a parent is way more scary than any thing a child could come up with.

Road-Block Blogger said...

So true... The words you state are what separates a child from parents. To dream and live, that is a precious commodity we give our children to savor and enjoy.

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