Saturday, April 11, 2009

A.L.L. - Being humble sometimes gets the best of you...

My sharing of this post really lies in the very aspects of human nature. In many occasions, when people in need ask for assistance and you humbly offer your services, your money, your time and property, often times you get burnt.

Being a person who can help is the virtue of a good heart, what about those that keep on taking and not give back? What do you call them. I raise this issue as during the economic restoration summit hosted by CDA, a fellow who I met maybe once or twice in my life came up to me in need of assistance. Of course being the nice guy, I opted to help him out. His daughter who is coming to see him needed her allowance for school that morning, apparently he left his wallet at home and did not realize it until later. As I was walking by, he stopped me and said "do I know you?" My reply was simple, yes, we met several times. At that moment he states he is in a bind and asked for some assistance and I was gullible. OK, I agreed as he said he would return what is owed at the function. Well stupid me! I was not able to see him again after that. Boy was I conned and did not expect it. Ughhh the nerve of some people, however if and when I do find this person, I will ensure he remembers me...Ahem... for sure he will....

In any rate, it was my fault, the goodness to help and being humble got the best of me... That was truly Another Lessoned Learned.

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1nce a week... said...

i know you wayne, always giving to help others, A.L.L. I do the same too, now learning to say no is hard. Instead of giving money when someone asks, try telling them, why don't i treat you to lunch or bye you a drink as a way to help out and done deal. Idk depends on situation too.

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