Monday, April 27, 2009

Fuel Down, Commodoties on the Rise!

A few months back we complained about the rising of fuel causing everything to go up, or at least that was what we saw.  It gave every business a reason to raise prices despite old stock on shelves purchased before the rising of fuel, meaning, the cost on commodoties should not have risen on old stock, but they did as new shipment came in.  Granted it's business, but sometimes, as a consumer, I feel duped.

Well now, fuel prices have been steady, yet commodoties have not really gone down, overall there is still an 11% increase on food items and this was at the height of fuel cost.  Is this fair?


Political arena awe's another new candidate...

Vicky Guerrero expresses her interest in the political arena for the upcoming election in precint I.  As I understand, this is the precint that has many seats and therefore much competition.  At least this puts another young fresh mind to wit what our government is doing and where we are heading.  Not to say my friends and I say respectable friends on hill have not done the best they could, given the circumstances, but as many say, maybe it's time to see a shift, a change in political power and new faces, new ideas.   

Who knows, but I like what I see, more young, avid change seekers, vying for seats on the hill.  Good luck to Vicky and good luck to those who may want to get into the political arena!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Who says you can change what I wrote?!

I was sitting at a hearing today and to my surprise an individual who is against me looked at my document and started writing and crossing out my notes that I wrote for his following of what was happening.  I looked at him and said "what are you doing?", his response  was, "oh, just wanted to make sure I dont repeat myself..."  WTF!  I snapped and stated "next time be prepared and bring what ytou need and the next time, I will not be too nice", I stressed.

Sometimes you wonder and its a day like today where I thought, do most people do this? and then I remembered my other occassions...Wait! What other occassions...hahahaha.  I guess there's a first for everything.  What would you do?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Could it be?

In the islands, the idiom of such a place like this little string of pine tree leaf cave is what we grew up to know as the home of a dwarf... Looks creepy especially at night where a flashlight's beam is all you see in front of you natural sounds of animal species in their habitat make their calling noises. You use your imagination and all the horrific tales from the past come to reality.
Hmm. Brings back memories of old folk tales told to us as young children for adults to have a great laugh!!! Hahahahaha... Now I am laughing sharing the same tales.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gotta love weekends!

If your like me, then as the weekend approaches, a plan must be in place, check. The plan must have something that kids enjoy, check. Create an experience for everyone, check. Save some time and energy for the wife, double check!!! Gotta love the weekends.
For family fun and enjoyment, sometimes creating dinner with all hands on deck is all you need, the feast of love as each member of the family carefully take their roles seriously. This evening, we had decided at the last hour (3:27pm) to have a BBQ dinner. Time and sunlight is not in our favor and if it was just for the wife and I to cater to hungry children all by ourselves, I don't think we would have made it on time.

This dinner engagement with the family opened up a new perspective in family respect and coherence. As we started to prepare dinner, the marination, the veggies that needed to be chopped, the grill to be cleaned, the drinks to be prepared and chilled, the achote (red rice) to soak, to my surprise, all hands came to the rescue. The effort put in motion created this ambiance of content upon me and the people who I adore and love completely. Although, the other four children could not be with us, I am sure that they were in minds of everyone on the dinner table.

As dinner progressed, I thanked the family for their asssistance to making such a wonderful dinner, we were in all smiles, each said their own thanks for a wonderful meal in front of their hungry eyes. I loved this weekend and will love more as we build the fond memories of this life Boni and I choose for one another.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A.L.L. - Being humble sometimes gets the best of you...

My sharing of this post really lies in the very aspects of human nature. In many occasions, when people in need ask for assistance and you humbly offer your services, your money, your time and property, often times you get burnt.

Being a person who can help is the virtue of a good heart, what about those that keep on taking and not give back? What do you call them. I raise this issue as during the economic restoration summit hosted by CDA, a fellow who I met maybe once or twice in my life came up to me in need of assistance. Of course being the nice guy, I opted to help him out. His daughter who is coming to see him needed her allowance for school that morning, apparently he left his wallet at home and did not realize it until later. As I was walking by, he stopped me and said "do I know you?" My reply was simple, yes, we met several times. At that moment he states he is in a bind and asked for some assistance and I was gullible. OK, I agreed as he said he would return what is owed at the function. Well stupid me! I was not able to see him again after that. Boy was I conned and did not expect it. Ughhh the nerve of some people, however if and when I do find this person, I will ensure he remembers me...Ahem... for sure he will....

In any rate, it was my fault, the goodness to help and being humble got the best of me... That was truly Another Lessoned Learned.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

You Tell Me!

This is interesting... I am behind a police vehicle on Saturday Morning about 10:40am in San Vicente. This vehicle with plates 39-38 as I recall was traveling north bound.

What amazed me was as I continued to follow the vehicle, it sped up to probably 60 mph. Take a look at my speedometer, it is already a little past 40 mph. The vehicle in front is the same police vehicle... Isn't this wonderful, they are truly leading by example. Take note as well, I was speeding too, i guess because I can??? You tell me...hahahaha

Fascinating yet mysterious in it's own right...

Remember the days when you would sit and enjoy a slightly horror to the horror-horrific film. The creaking noises, the sound of a bird gawking as it flies past, the simple yet intricate background music having you grip your seat in suspense, and there you have a picturesque image of an old moss-filled, leafless tree depicting death or slow dying insisting the creepiness of it?... hahahaha... I love it, I wonder how the new movie "a haunting in Connecticut" is going? does that sound all to familiar? I am a fan of horror at its best, what a trip to see these horrifying events actually happen on the big screen, as they say it is based on a true story.

Here is our tree at home, this is Boni's favorite tree despite its image portraying no life, death-by-death imagery, the horror of dying and knowing it is upon y0u, but look closely, it possesses such pristine beauty in itself. At first, I did not think of it that way, but after a while, I've grown to enjoy this and with it's all intent purposes of how it has become an attribute to the property. This thorn in the rose bush, a diamond in the rough, has now captured my fascination, but solely expresses is mysteriousness....tch tch tch hha hha hha...

Share a tree, a bush, something that expresses a hidden treasure. Find it's hidden beauty disguised by many factors that one must look beyond to see it and appreciate it.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Changing Ways!

It has been over a month since I last wrote a post.  My life has  taken a change of path.  Since I met Boni, she has shown me another way of life, so to speak another way to breathe in metaphor.  I am blessed and thankful for the presence and gift of such progress from last that I saw myself in turmoil.

It was March 11, 2009, where Boni and I wedded in Bali, Indonesia. We shared our vows and both know the values of the covenant of marriage and we take it seriously.  Truly an experience that will stay with me until my time on this earth is ended.

After the Bali trip, we headed out to the mainland US to visit my family. It was nice to introduce Boni to my father, sister and brothers who reside in Portland, Oregon and Walla Walla (Where?), Washington.  It has been years since I have seen them and was such great fun.  However, I was not able to see my mother and sister who resides in California and Vegas respectively.

Time went by so fast, time was limited, but enjoyable.  If I could turn back time, I'd do it exactly as it is.   I apologize for not updating and will get in the swing of things again.

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