Thursday, February 12, 2009

NO One is above the LAW....

You have probably heard this numerous times before by politicians, enforcement officers, community guidance counselors, your parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, co-workers and anyone else who understands norms, laws, regulations, rules, etc, say "no one is above the law".

Well, I was driving on Tuesday, February 10, 2009 around 08:22 am enroute to a meeting coming from Saipan's As Terlaje Hill heading down when two police vehicles sped right past me as if they were road racing.  It didn't bother me as I accelerated to maintain speed they were running as I thought, hmmm, if they can do it, I know they will not pull me over, I can save time on the road and get to my destination earlier.  Come to realize they were at speeds far beyond the speed limitation on that street.  Viewing my speedometer, taking the picture, trying to catch up to get that better shot, I realized they were traveling at a speed over 65 mph.  Swerving left to right and right to left with hardly using breaks, road racing, I thought...huh? Cops?

Yet, when they are on their feild day of issuing speeding tickets utilizing the lazer, even 1 mph over the allowable speed, guess what "your ticketed, your tagged, your paying a fine"... Now because they where the badge, are they allowed to do this?  A few years back, one officer was filling his bureau vehicle at a station where I too was filling at the time.  As he got his fill and left to get out on the road, he peeled off rubber intentionally to leave blackened, stenched smell of burning rubber behind him, and carelessly handling the vehicle at a take off speed that could have resulted in an accident if someone or something was ahead of him.  I thought to myself, yeah, young cop, just flexing his muscles....Disgusted and irritated by such actions, I tried not to think of it again.
Aha, I thought on that Tuesday morning, DPS recently had new recruits, new officers on the beat, young officers ready to make a name for themselves as law enforcement officers, but then again, they sped right by me and others causing a scene to be simply, "all other motorist are welcome to do as I do,"...They are the law, but they break it anayways, so why not you, why not me, why not every other civilian?

My images came a little late on the very fact that I was trying to drive safe at a maintained speed of over 65 mph, taking the camera out, taking the shot.  A few shots I have did not come out right, but these did, but by this time approaching the traffic, they started to slow down and I was able to catch up!


bigsoxfan said...

Not exactly to the point, but I saw an amusing incident today. I was up at Camp Pendleton, the sprawling marine base which seperates San Diego from nasty Orange County, when a rather large helocopter overflew the scooter. I thought, he was on his way to the helo airfield, but saw him sitting on a small auxilarary pad a few miles down the road. I figured they were just practicing landing on unimproved ground and they may have been. Interestingly though, the crew chief was outside the craft doing something often seen on roadsides. Lets be charitable and say he was washing a small section of the lower fusalage near the rear wheels. I'm trying to imagine the possible cockpit conversation. "Ah, say, pilot could we set this thing down somewhwere" Pilot, "damnit, couldn't you take care of that before we left the house"

I can see your point with the policia. Can't they take it up to Marpi, like the rest of us, for pursuit driving lessons. ah, the invincibility of youth.

Road-Block Blogger said...

Lol, Funny synopsis of what could've been the conversation with the pilot and passenger.

With the policia, ughhhh, just another day that only proves negligence and unprofessional ethics performed by some government employees.

1nce A Week Writer said...

Way off topic here, just thinking...I would think that if gas prices goes higher (back to the higher gas prices story again lol), shouldn't the mph speed limit go higher too on some circumstances, like example to 65mph. It supposedly said if your running consistently faster, like mph speed limits here in oregon highways, you get better gas mileage, yes faster to your destination and less time spent on running stop and go. If this holds true, and it is 2009, also depending on studies of how many cars are on Saipan's roadways at specific hours of the day, would you think that 65mph should be reasonable on Saipan's highways. Only if the law prohibits the right side of a two way highway is used for fast drivers and that the left side is for those giving way to those speeding, traffic may flow a bit, i guess maybe not.
Yea your right unprofessional show to the public, maybe that police officer just needed to use the restroom.

bigsoxfan said...

Only problem with 65 on the roads of saipan are; cars stopping to a dead slow to exit over washed out pavement, sudden sharp turns in the roadway with no where to go except over a rather sharp drop into the jungle, Children/cattle crossing, sudden rain showers which leave a slick spot in the midst of two miles of dry straight highway, and dogs. Anymore reasons not to drive sixty-five"? I'm sure there must be more. Then again, I always loved the flat stretch up to Marpi, but watch the cattle

Eunjung said...

I am going to Harvard Law

Jun said...

A couple weeks ago, my wife was heading to work early morning before seven when two police cars zoomed past her. She thought they were answering a call or something but without any flashing lights. She said they passed her going north on middle road by the Payless Shoe Store and caught up with them by the old Town and Country Cafe. They were parked right in the middle of the road. She said he saw the two officers, one a female and othe other a male cop, shouting at each other then sped off again at high speed without due care to other motorists. She caught up with them again at the traffic light by the CHC. Again, shouting at each other. One cruiser went up the hill while the other one continued on northbound. I told her that she could have called it in and report it to the dispatcher or to the on duty supervisor. Anyone of you seeing this stupid behavior from any police officer should call the DPS front desk and report it in. Dont forget to include the license plate and the type of car they're driving. The type of car differentiate which section the officer is assigned in. Patrol, Traffic, Harbor Patrol, Motor Carrier, etc.

Road-Block Blogger said...

Hey Jun, thanks for your reply, it appears that there domesticated problems are brought to work if they are a couple, if not there differences, but it is true, ut should be reported, having to see this behavior and the negligence of the public's safety as they speed up and down the roads surely will create accidents in the future. Luckily nothing happened, but one day it will and I am sure in the past, officers driving recklessly have been in accidents, and possibly just written off the books...More individuals who believe they are above the law.

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