Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Island Resort Turning Ghost Town?

These type of signs not allowed!

Saipan, Tinian and Rota, suffering the demise of being remotely isolated from population is undertaking tremendous hardship.  I say no more of Tinian and Rota who are suffering horridly, while Saipan, continues with its progress of completing the Island chain of Ghosts!!

With recent regulations and enforcement of Zoning advising store owners to remove signs that do not meet standard, I have a question on that.  Although the regulations are useful to streamlining or standardizing look and feel, I question the fact of how to market new products in the store if temp signs, or window advertisements are not allowed.

How about road side vendors? Literally they still use cardboard boxes as signs indicating the products they sell from their truck, what about the Fishermen in San Jose, do they have to remove the fish names that they have available, because you cannot market the product, so you mean to say ,  no more tuna signs and other type of fish signs indicating its available. The island looks bare without advertisements. Businesses cannot market their product, why are we prohibiting this? If anything should be done, it should be enforced to make it better design wise other than the shabby look currently seen in some business establishments.

Take for example the tinted window display or advertisements, these are made from quality material but yet it is banned? These are the Coca-Cola window film and other products.  I don't understand, our island resort to become a dead ghost town should more close out sales be more apparent as business is difficult in the islands.

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John said...

people need to use common sense (and by people I mean the Zoning enforcers).. Taking creativity away from businesses in exchange for dull boring signage(and creativity meaning well designed, thought out, unique, beautiful signage).. does not make sense... where is common sense when you need it?

the zoning dudes are like superheroes gone bad.. power got to their heads.. start doing more destruction than good..

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