Sunday, February 15, 2009

The A.L.L. - V-Day

Another Lesson Learned (A.L.L.) brings to mind the joyous and heartwarming experience of how V-days can actually be less costly, and more memorable. "This is where the true dinner is, whereas, amateurs are out trying to wine and dine their love ones" stated an individual last night...I laughed with glee knowing that those words could actually be so true in some ways.

My A.L.L. are built on sentiments of creativity and togetherness. Simple yet elegantly describe by fellow friends who have not experienced simplicity at it's best. Laughter, smiles, warm kisses, hugs, a nice bottle wine, some finger foods (healthy ones), great company all make the difference in making a memorable V-day. The lesson learned here is that if you place enough time to think about the way you want to spend V-day, then you may just find alternative means that are worth more than the 5-course dinner meal packages ranging at high prices, I do not say these are not good packages, but given the economy, the scarce of jobs and money opportunities, sometimes the simple things in life are valued higher than the conventional V-day activities commonly heard off, purchased and utilized by the majority.

This V-day experience is in my memory bank to ensuring that the month of February is no longer a dull month...

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1nce A Week Writer said...

Its not a leap year either, but yes your right, from the start of the day it only seems to bog us down if we do not come up with the romantic scheme for her to remember or for two of you to remember. If nothing happens, your just a loser. Take her to a 5 meal dinner course and seeing that the crowd is there too ordering the same 5 meal dinner course, enjoyable or memorable...but still feel like a loser. I did felt like that, I worked and got off just in time at 6pm drove to a restaurant called "Typhoon" lol, for last minute reservations. Yea it was a good dinner, I guess it was just the thought that counts instead. So I saved the day and kept me away from being a proud loser.
Boni said she enjoyed the beach, now thats different and old school, never would have thought the bamboo candles! wow

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