Friday, January 2, 2009

Starting off New!

As most of you would say, it's a new year, start off fresh and make the best of 2009.  Always easier said than done...Life has it's way of throwing major curve balls at you when you least expect it.  A new years resolution..hmmm, I've decided not to have one.  I think when establishing such resolutions, they must be tangible and something that you will be passionate enough to carry forward.  I know it is not easy to fulfill a resolution for yourself, again given the curve balls.

This year I plan to write more posts on my blog on issues concerning life, the island issues, global attrocities or things that impact us, great experiences and more than would inspire me...

2008 flashback

This blog of mine was really a test case.  I kept a written journal, but this is much better. I am not ashamed to share my thoughts and be critiqued when my opinions are different, this is who I am and so far what I enjoy.

Starting off on my blog.  It was in June 2008 when I first opened this blog. Of course I am still fairly new to it, it was Hope, my daughter who helped me establish this blog.  I was completely and utterly clueless on what to do.  Thanks Hopey for helping me, I truly appreciate it!

I went on random issues trying to find my bearing and wrote on what I wanted to with no barriers.  I may have made people upset, but these are all my opinion on various issues, my life stories, my demises, my future, my progress...

Today, I like what I see, I have online journal with photos, stories that I can hold on to, share later, and look back upon what I had to go through.  It is addictive!


Bon said...

Wonder if we can find a wedding cake topper with two bloggers? Think so?

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...And what a fine blog site this came out to be!

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