Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snail Mail Values

The conventional way of mail these days are through the internet, email, FB, Chats, My Space and more.  The mail received through technology is so common that it does not possess a true value.  I did not realize this until I received two letters via snail mail (post office), they were from my parents.  As I read it, I saw the personalized handwriting, felt their comfort in their effort to write and send it, I believe snail mails still has the edge over conventional electronic mails these days. Of course, this is my opinion, share your thoghts on this...


Paguroidea said...

I only get snail mail from my dear friends, PTI (IT&E) and BoG.

DATALIG said...

Agree with you....especially during Christmas. Receiving Christmas cards through snail mail felt more thoughtful than the e-cards you get from e-mails.

Road-Block Blogger said... doubt we all still receive those, but their not appealing nor do they have a value of interest, oh wait, I stand corrected, it's bills with interest and money, there is a value! LOL.

Dave, Yes, it is nice to receive such things, they are thoughtful pieces of memories that continue to build.

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