Thursday, January 22, 2009

CNMI --- For better or Worse

I've had opportunities to move away from the CNMI, a job waiting 10,000 miles away from the place we call home.  I've chosen to stay on the basis of supporting our islands growth, the need for intervention, the need for dreams to make this island beauty attractive for generations to come, I am here for better or worse...

Recent findings on the federalization issue prompted me to write this post.  I fear some would disagree and may be offended by such comments on their job security, but I ask that you keep an open mind about what the true picture is that is slowly redeeming itself upon us. As of todays paper (January 22, 2009), there is an article about the Visa Waiver Program, for short we will call it "VWP".  It now states that after June 1, 2009, all those holding legitimate IR Visa, Work Permit Visa, Investment Permit Visas, etc, have no use nor any value.  Should you leave the CNMI after June 1, 2009, you may re-enter as a tourist, but not of business status that you are commonly using today.

The good, it will weed out the fly-by night operators, the bad, it poses a threat to future investment and business closure due to the difficulty in doing business in the CNMI.  I am quite concerned about this issue, I have foreign partners and there is no way they will succumb to being ill-treated in this manner especially after investing over 3.5 million into the CNMI.  

Another article today mentioned about President Obama holding all new Federal Regulations that have not been posted yet in the registrar.  This could work towards our benefit but only for a short period of time (180 days?).  What's next? I attended a meeting todayb that discussed that very issue, our letters of concern, our point we made as a community was not really heard, and I enjoyed the discusion I had today on "humanizing the effects" of the Federalization implementation.  Take a look at what the circumstances are;

1. Businesses and its senior management are already contemplating or have done pay cuts to keep business going;
2. Further cuts are imposed on the employees themselves or face closure;
3. With the Immigration federalization, we are to lose our workforce continued with the dwindling population; 
4. Loss of jobs and other money making income for the workforce, where will they go? How will they survive?

How is this possible? How are we to survive or find economic solvency?

On the humanizing effect, it is imperative that we all understand where this is headed and what is there to expect, as far as most people were concerned, they say, "not to worry, this is for the better"....Really?  Think about this, there will be more loss of jobs, no work to be found, business closures, less tax in coffers, etc.  The only ones who don't realy feel the pinch are the secured government workers, even with an austerity Friday, if they receive $600.00 this week, two weeks later they will still see their $600.00 again, not much would care about this issue as security is on their side, but in the private, it's horrible...You worry, you try to be resilient, but impossible today, the effects causes so much hardship in this business climate that already some are thinking to pack up and leave, businesses I mean.  Can the CNMI survive with these new regulations?

I humbly ask for everyone to understand the effects, where do you see yourself in a year from now?  I think we should all express ourselves in writing to the new President Obama via our channel, our delegate, our hope for better change and support, Mr. Kilili.  Why wait, send it in!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snail Mail Values

The conventional way of mail these days are through the internet, email, FB, Chats, My Space and more.  The mail received through technology is so common that it does not possess a true value.  I did not realize this until I received two letters via snail mail (post office), they were from my parents.  As I read it, I saw the personalized handwriting, felt their comfort in their effort to write and send it, I believe snail mails still has the edge over conventional electronic mails these days. Of course, this is my opinion, share your thoghts on this...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


With the inauguration of our new President Barack Obama, he brings hope to an era of needed change in the US and its surrounding territories and insular areas.  

Being hopeful for change that will provoide for everyone is the ultimate movement he can make for his time as President, of course aside from ridding the War in Iraq.  Our new Superman, an icon, an image, a hero as most of us would remember we want to be at one point in our lives, who better else to concede the name Superman, now against the world in all political affairs, he could either make us or break us, which is it?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

There's more at stake...

In the Marianas Variety today, an article published by Junhan B. Todeno wrote on the issues for FAS citizens married to foreigners, now Immediate Relative (IR) status to FAS citizens on whether the NMI immigration will look into their fate with the U.S. Federalization movement.

A few online comments indicated heinous remarks on telling these people to leave.  No doubt we have been affected in more ways than the medical treatment benefits, the foos stamp programs, dental benefits, medicare, housing, etc. in general, but here is another way of looking at heir presence in the islands.  I stress this post on the basis of current economical conditions today.

There is more at stake here than meets the eye. The fact remains is some of these individuals contribute back to our ailing economy through their taxes aside from the labeling of being troubled people. One of the biggest problems the CNMI faces with economic recovery is population, where there is a thriving population, there is opportunity for economic growth, opportunity for selecting the best and qualified individuals for positions at workplaces. If our population dwindles down to a mere 40K, we will surely see a more deprived and worsened CNMI. Can we deal with this?  As a native to the island, can you see where this would be if it does happen, the extraction of people from the islands.  I heard that a rough number of 2,000 native NMI peoples have already left island for greener pastures.  Our brain drain, funny, I too thought about this very seriously, and I still think of it.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A.L.L. - Cognitive Dysfunction

A new post for A.L.L. (Another Lesson Learned), but todays post reflects the symptom of cognitive dysfunction.. huh? WTF? 

Yup, for several days I have been feeling groggy, tired, beat up, stressed, why? I asked myself... The effects of sleep inertia.  For the past few nights, the lack of sleep has caught up to me each day making me feel dysfunctional in many ways.  Well, no one to blame but myself, great DVD movies in play, nice wine or beer for relaxation, cuddle and talk with the wife to be on an array of topics, all this keeping me up later than usual is now taking its toll.  The A.L.L. recommendation - GET more sleep! 

Monday, January 12, 2009

For over 20 years, I have been a fan of the Pitsburgh Steelers.  Today, a game was played against the San Diego Chargers.  A victorius win to place the Steelers for the AFC Championship game against the Baltimore Ravens.  

Steelers defense is solid, they performed extremely well today and made sure that they dominated on the field.  The Chargers, we thank them for coming out!  It was a good game, but ultimately, the Steelers were just a more overpowering team.

What do I expect for the Steelers against the Ravens, no doubt Steelers are going to whoop butt! Predictions anyone? I believe the Steelers will once again make the superbowl and give us Steelers fans another victorius season...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The 2nd Annual Great CNMI De-Lurk

I am De-Lurking! What's next? Oh yeah, leave comments on every blog post I read...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The A.L.L. Factor - Starting 2009!

Ok guys, I know Christmas is done and over with, but I would like to share something I've learned NOT TO DO this year in 2009. Another Lesson Learned (A.L.L.)!

Well the story goes, I was contemplating on what gift to get Boni for Christmas. So I studied her needs, her expressive frustrations on what she does not have and would like to have. With doing so, I purchased a coffee maker, I mean hey we guys are practical. S I was extremelu proud of my gift for her as day and day out, she would say "I want coffee" and leave a sad face knowing she would not have it that very moment. I honestly believed I got he perfect gift until some advice comin from a very conservave, but understanding person told me, "Cristmas gifts for a woman, should never be an appliance", shoots, I panicked! I got the wrong gift....Ahhhhhhh!

Once again, I was back on the drawing board. What gift to get? What do you give someone smething that she may not need at the moment, but would want to treasure...Jewelry, feminine beauty products, oh man this was going to be an ordeal for sure.

I did find something fo value both direcly an indirectly, something in which I know she will appreciate and look back knowing it came from me. Just so we guys do not make the mistake I did, plan ahead. Study your woman and be prepared for 2009's Valentine's, their birthdays, Mother's day (if mothers already) and Christmas!

Happy New Year!

Friday, January 2, 2009

General Elections in 2009!

The General Election is coming up in 2009! The ticket is staging itself to be vast where parties start to rally their candidates. The Republicans, the Democrats, the Independant, and the Covenant.

Will Governor Fitial run again, will Tim remain his running mate?

Congressman, former Lt. Governor Diego Benavente announces his bid for Gubernatorial candiacy for the Republican party.  I've heard rumors on the possibility of other persons who express interest or by people who feel they should run and are encouraging them.

What are true of these individuals?  Will they run?  Do you have more on your list of possibilities for Governor?

1. Diego Benavente - Confirmed Candidacy
2. Heinz Hohschneider
3. David Apatang
4. Joe Ayuyu
5. Luis Crisostimo
6. Ramon Guerrero
7. Benigno Fitial - Incumbent

These are names that have popped up in conversations about the Gubernatorial race for 2009.

Starting off New!

As most of you would say, it's a new year, start off fresh and make the best of 2009.  Always easier said than done...Life has it's way of throwing major curve balls at you when you least expect it.  A new years resolution..hmmm, I've decided not to have one.  I think when establishing such resolutions, they must be tangible and something that you will be passionate enough to carry forward.  I know it is not easy to fulfill a resolution for yourself, again given the curve balls.

This year I plan to write more posts on my blog on issues concerning life, the island issues, global attrocities or things that impact us, great experiences and more than would inspire me...

2008 flashback

This blog of mine was really a test case.  I kept a written journal, but this is much better. I am not ashamed to share my thoughts and be critiqued when my opinions are different, this is who I am and so far what I enjoy.

Starting off on my blog.  It was in June 2008 when I first opened this blog. Of course I am still fairly new to it, it was Hope, my daughter who helped me establish this blog.  I was completely and utterly clueless on what to do.  Thanks Hopey for helping me, I truly appreciate it!

I went on random issues trying to find my bearing and wrote on what I wanted to with no barriers.  I may have made people upset, but these are all my opinion on various issues, my life stories, my demises, my future, my progress...

Today, I like what I see, I have online journal with photos, stories that I can hold on to, share later, and look back upon what I had to go through.  It is addictive!

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