Thursday, December 11, 2008

An Overwhelming & Joyous Experience

I cannot get over the feeling that hit me last week.  It was when we brought the Christmas tree out from hiding, we went off the store and purchased new decorations and ornaments.  Truly it was an overwhelming and joyous exerience that I would like to share.

Over the years, Christmas was always a fun-filled event for family.  The raising of the tree, the colourful  garlands, the shiny trinkets, the colors that represents Christmas, the joy expressed with anticipated excitement for what will be placed underneath the tree as days come before Christmas...  Pure enjoyment, pure love, pure happiness.

This year's Christmas brought back many memories.  My happiness filled my heart with love that I could not hold in.  My eyes filled with tears of joy as the Christmas music played on.  I see the children enjoying the decorating of the raised tree with colors and shiny trinkets.  I thought back and saw my past, my children, how I wished they were all together to share the experience, but then again I thought of my future wife's children too and how we all enjoyed the experience together.  Who was I to hold back what could be the best Christmas this year, I looked around the house and saw the spirit and as I did my share, tears of joy from my happiness rolled down the side of my face.  As if in a slow motion, I sensed the tears run every inch until leaving my face. I did not want to share my facial expressions to the young ones as they might think I am sad, but in fact, I was so happy. As I write this post, I am sensing what was felt then, that evening.  It's a wonderful feeling.

I am grateful for the fact that our children will all be together this Christmas holiday.  We are all excited to share our warmth, our love, our joy, our laughter, our smiles, our hugs and kisses, our hearts with one another. This is my dream of Christmas, my family, a happy family all together.


plumeria*girl said...


Christmas is such a joyous holiday and I'm glad to hear your heart is full of joy and holiday cheer!

Happy Holidays!!!

Road-Block Blogger said...

Yes, that is so true...My heart is content and filled with the cheer of holiday spirit. Likewise to you Polly, happy holidays!

hope leilani <3 said...

aw, wayne. i didn't know you were crying !

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