Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Extraordinary Beauty, it's rareness found in women today

What defines beauty? This question is what I spoke off with a friend who in his years has been one of those men who critiques a woman based on looks, posture, public appearances, attitude, etc.  He is someone who will criticize without fully seeing the consequence of what occurs when his tone of voice or his harsh words are heard by the individual he is speaking off if they are not of words of good standing.  In his eyes, looks are more important at first sight.  What defines beauty?

In my view, beauty is a whole package and not just seen from the surface .  It encomapsses the first glance attraction, to the person she is inside. This package is something that is embedded deep within the woman and not just superficial.  I know many of who I can say are beautiful in their own ways and a few that I could say are truly beautiful. I will gloat here for the time being as I am proud to have found a woman who in my eyes is truly beautiful.  Her elegance, her movement as gracious as she is, her persona, her physical appearance, her overall way of life, I am amazed as well intrigued. Boni is a truly beautiful woman!

I for one am a man who believes that a woman makes the man.  Find the right one and you will be happy and content, forget about wealth, but the very notion of maintaining a fruitful life is dependant on whether you are happy or not and you will live in comfort (my opinion).  I tend to boast about the woman in my life as I do to represent my affection for her.  The beauty I see in her is extremely rare. I have known many and for which I can say she tops them all.  I am sure that we men have our different understanding and meaning of what beauty is as defined by us individually, especially when stating the aspects of beauty for your significant other or spouse. In your own words, how would you defne beauty within your significant other or spouse?


Paguroidea said...

My perception of beauty seems to follow the Fibonacci sequence.

Road-Block Blogger said...

Wow, that is truly the sequence of perfection, good one.

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