Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Government Owned Building Vs. Leases/Rentals

Can the Gov't Maintain it' Building?

There was a comment made on the Marianas Variety today about government owned building versus leasing of other facilties. I expressed myself writing to this issue as I felt that the person who left his/her comment only looked at one side of the picture whereas, there is more to consider in the leasing of a facility. Some may disagree, but these are my points of how I would look at a faciltiy if and when to lease.

In response to the comments made on the online Marianas Variety edition December 30, 2008 entitled "MVA doesn't comply with procurement rules"

I agree that both concepts about saving is right on track and is needed for the government today, I don't stand and state my comments on the basis of brown nosing, but I would like to point out the very fact that sometimes renting is better than owning. They mainly fall within the reasons of maintenance. The landlord is ultimately responsible for the up-keeping of such facilities inclusive but are limited to; 1. Air conditioning unit(s) 2. Restroom and toiletry supplies 3. Grounds Maintenance 4. In-door maintenance (some exceptions) 5. Major structural repairs in the event of normal wear and tear of the facility through nature oriented atrocities 6. Protection of building/facility from harm 7. Meets all safety standards and fire codes 8. Location usually reasonable for such offices as compared to the Hill I guess, my point is simple, sometimes, renting facilities is a much more economical advantage. Although I sympathize they maybe to an extent, some agreements are truly beneficial to landlords, but that in itself helps the economy overall. Look at CUC, when they moved into La Fiesta, it was not long before they had to abandon the area due to higher cost to maintain their operation on a government owned building. So much to consider and not just the figure seen on the rental contract.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thirsting for Stability!

"The global economy is in its worst! I don't see how our tourism market share for the island will have us remain profitable as most businesses if not all are geared towards tourism in general!", stated a friend of mine who expressed himself openly. This friend is a CPA and MBA and I look to him for advise as he looks at the overall picture and analyzes them religiously.

As with the rest of the world facing tough economic times, the recession, it is no wonder that we all thirst for stability once again. Take for example our island, Saipan. During the CUC fiasco power outages, we complained, we huffed and puffed, we gave the bad look, the bad public statements, but none attended the forums that would enable the community to be powerful enough to make that change. However, getting back to the point, we had no power for days on intervals, "load shedding" in better terms. During that time, frustration, anger, hatred and everything else that you could muster to criticize the CUC was stated, spoken off and publicized.

Then when the power came back, fuel rates remained high, no one conserved power as the utilities was once again a convenience. Only when the power bills started coming out, we saw yet another tantrum on the rise. Funny that I use this to explain the global economic condition, but I assure its all on the basis of how we think and apply to each circumstance. The power we were so used to recieving is like the economy that poured in from the consumer when things were great. With a cut in consumer support from great economies, its like our power being cut off, when the global recession decides to revamp itself in time through global leadership making the drastic changes to adapt to our everchanging economical status, we too will experience the greatness of economic recovery at a convenience. Today however, despite the recession, people still are spending but on what these days? I am sure on necessities only? Yet, consumer products remain high, jobs in the Commonwelath is scarce, if you have one, keep it and perform to maintain it. We are in for the worst of economic hardship, can we ask for bail out?

I am pleased to hear the US Congress has authorized CIP funds for the CUC generator repairs, but now I am inclined to ask about the "Fuel Farm" idea that will stabilize fuel prices. Based on the economic study from the University of Georgia (if I recall correctly) on the CUC fuel rate implementation.  They are now saying that we 
must defer from the fluctuation of fuel based on the barrel selling price, which we all know jumps sporadically.  They say base it on the average and run it for a period of 6 months at a time, now I feel that the fuel farms are more needed with this attempt to stabilize fuel pricing.

As of last night, pirce for gas is at $2.97 at the pumps, wow, it is nice to see my $20.00 go a long way in the car, whew! What a relief!

Extraordinary Beauty, it's rareness found in women today

What defines beauty? This question is what I spoke off with a friend who in his years has been one of those men who critiques a woman based on looks, posture, public appearances, attitude, etc.  He is someone who will criticize without fully seeing the consequence of what occurs when his tone of voice or his harsh words are heard by the individual he is speaking off if they are not of words of good standing.  In his eyes, looks are more important at first sight.  What defines beauty?

In my view, beauty is a whole package and not just seen from the surface .  It encomapsses the first glance attraction, to the person she is inside. This package is something that is embedded deep within the woman and not just superficial.  I know many of who I can say are beautiful in their own ways and a few that I could say are truly beautiful. I will gloat here for the time being as I am proud to have found a woman who in my eyes is truly beautiful.  Her elegance, her movement as gracious as she is, her persona, her physical appearance, her overall way of life, I am amazed as well intrigued. Boni is a truly beautiful woman!

I for one am a man who believes that a woman makes the man.  Find the right one and you will be happy and content, forget about wealth, but the very notion of maintaining a fruitful life is dependant on whether you are happy or not and you will live in comfort (my opinion).  I tend to boast about the woman in my life as I do to represent my affection for her.  The beauty I see in her is extremely rare. I have known many and for which I can say she tops them all.  I am sure that we men have our different understanding and meaning of what beauty is as defined by us individually, especially when stating the aspects of beauty for your significant other or spouse. In your own words, how would you defne beauty within your significant other or spouse?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

An Overwhelming & Joyous Experience

I cannot get over the feeling that hit me last week.  It was when we brought the Christmas tree out from hiding, we went off the store and purchased new decorations and ornaments.  Truly it was an overwhelming and joyous exerience that I would like to share.

Over the years, Christmas was always a fun-filled event for family.  The raising of the tree, the colourful  garlands, the shiny trinkets, the colors that represents Christmas, the joy expressed with anticipated excitement for what will be placed underneath the tree as days come before Christmas...  Pure enjoyment, pure love, pure happiness.

This year's Christmas brought back many memories.  My happiness filled my heart with love that I could not hold in.  My eyes filled with tears of joy as the Christmas music played on.  I see the children enjoying the decorating of the raised tree with colors and shiny trinkets.  I thought back and saw my past, my children, how I wished they were all together to share the experience, but then again I thought of my future wife's children too and how we all enjoyed the experience together.  Who was I to hold back what could be the best Christmas this year, I looked around the house and saw the spirit and as I did my share, tears of joy from my happiness rolled down the side of my face.  As if in a slow motion, I sensed the tears run every inch until leaving my face. I did not want to share my facial expressions to the young ones as they might think I am sad, but in fact, I was so happy. As I write this post, I am sensing what was felt then, that evening.  It's a wonderful feeling.

I am grateful for the fact that our children will all be together this Christmas holiday.  We are all excited to share our warmth, our love, our joy, our laughter, our smiles, our hugs and kisses, our hearts with one another. This is my dream of Christmas, my family, a happy family all together.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lessons From Dad

I recall several occasions that I truly am grateful for. The times in my childhood that I recall made me who I am today in so many ways, it's values, core values that withstood all the atrocities we have faced as a family over the years. These are my memories that withstood the test of time.

Growing up with Dad was not always the best childhood experience, but I give him all the credit for building me this way; one who will work relentlessly for the better of others and self. With this, I learned to care, love and cherish those around me and in particular, my wife and children. He has taught me that much indirectly over the years.

My first memory I would like to point out is the time when we raised animals in Susupe. PIGS, a lot of pigs. As I recall, we had a total of 22 at one point. My memory takes me back to one early morning awakening. Dad says "wake up! we need to clip the teeth of the piglets as they come out!", I did not understand until that very morning, we were out there in the pen, clipping the new born piglets teeth with a wire cutter. He explains, "it is necessary so that the mama pig does not have any discomfort when feeding the piglets", some piglets teeth were so sharp and pointy, I saw the point. It was nice, because it was just dad and I with a lamp bulb emanating light in the dark.

Another memory is when dad came home from fishing for Atulai, buckets and buckets of fish were waiting to be cleaned, gutted, and stored. At first, I looked at these buckets of fish and wondered, how will I clean all this by myself? But as I progressed, the amount became smaller and smaller and after completing, I felt a sense of accomplishment knowing that the household family would enjoy what I've done,the labor intensity of fish gutting and cleaning made sense to me.

Of course, how can I leave out the real stickler of experiences? It was my birthday, I was about 11-12 at the time. Our neighbor was selling his used BB gun. Oh how did I want that so much.."$25.00 and you can have it!" our neighbor says... Well, it was my birthday and thinking how special this day was for me, I rushed home to ask dad for the $25.00 to buy the gun. Low and behold, his comments were, "you have to earn it!!", sounds just like dad... Anyways, he says, clean the lawn, feed the pigs, rake the grass, burn the trash and he will consider... did he buy it? Yes, but after hours of grueling labor work outside, but don't you see, it taught me so much.

Dad, you did teach me things that you probably don't realize you had. I am a person who learns by experience. I know I've caused you more trouble in the past, but that's because of how I learned for myself. I am forever grateful and with this, time stands still in my memory.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Horns of Some .....


It is so stressful when you try to be a person who only wants what's in best interest for everyone and then you have those who have their best interest in themeselves and will stop at nothing to achieve that, even if it means stepping all over people to get there. I say they are evil.  The horns of some people that are never really seen, and aren't always invisible. 

I am sure everyone has had their fair share of circumstantial events of such evilness. Sometimes, you get tired that it drains so much energy in you when trying to make the bad to good from others.  Being so manipulative that it seems hoepless and pointless to even argue because of their personal interest in the matter.   

My personal view on malevolent people are of total disgust.  Most consider themselves the "high almighty" and everyone else around them is subject to their pleasing, but in all due respect, it is those that firmly believe that fairness is the always best option will always come out on top, despite the challenges.   

Interesting that I write this post.. I refer this to a person who over the past months has thought of himself the righteous one.  Today, I am exhausted of this non-sense and omitted myself of anymore events that are seriously not worth it.  What are your comments on the wicked, evil, and malicious people. Share your views of how they tend to run others to the ground while they reap instant rewards, and what are your dislikes.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Is Saipan Safe?

I was asked about the safeness of our islands recently.  What do you say after all the recent tragic fatalities that have stormed headlines these days.  The murder of the MHS guard Ballestros, the fatal accident of drunken driving in two recent occasions, the stabbing of a courtesy ride to a hitchhiker. My son says, "Is Saipan safe?"

Wow, what has our island come to.  We always portray pride in how we love, how we carry ourselves as individuals, and how we wish for people to percieve the very nature of our hospitality.  Where are we headed with these activities.  Sure, the Highway Safety is now conducting more sobriety checks, but in my recent drive to Papago, I was behind yet, low and behold, another drunk driver on the road.  I honked and honked to get his attention and he was with a few others.  They ignored my presence of trying to get there attention.  They speed up and leave me in a cloud of road dust.  Now, what would you do if you were in such a situation?  Call the cops, give your location and hopefully they catch up to them?  I did not have my cel phone then, should I have followed them as they sped or slow down and show that I have no interest so they can drive slower and be more responsible.  

Of course I wanted to follow, I wanted to call, I wanted to ensure that they get off the road as they may hurt others in passing.  But think of it, a stretch of road from San Vicente to Capitol Hill, steep hills, blind spots, turns- lefts and rights, slick when damp or wet, you name the conditions of the road, it is found the
re. I see no Officers!  No traffic personnel looking out for such eventful happenings, no law to put justice, peace and safety during this back road drive experience.  It is pretty scary if you think about.

I know DPS is short handed, but then you have so many on a check point in one area and everyone else is fleeing to use alternative routes to drive.  What do you do?

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