Monday, November 3, 2008

Road Blocks Ahead

Today was not no ordinary day.  It was a day of much not needed stress.  Unfortuntately the brunt of the stress came from wide spectrum, I did not expect.  The road blocks ahead were or may not be as bad as some others would experience today, but it had me questioning is it worth it?  

Road blocks sample;

1. CUC, burdened with the Agrekko, now needs to collect, I just received a call that I was going to get disconnected even after I filed my complaint about ridiculous power rates and faulty meters or unread meters from the meter readers, may I add, this was back in May 2008.  Only last week, I had 9 meters changed and then they call me today to say that if I don't pay, they will disconnect.  The understanding was made earlier on that we will assess the new utility cost over time from that of previous billings I contested with the new meters.  One week is not enough time.  Oh, we did pay for average services each month, but I guess CUC had it and said "Your on the list of disconnection noctices.  Pay up or be cut out", was the comment from one executive at CUC.  I was pissed!

2. Heavy workload in the office attributes to the neverending stress free environment we all wish to have.  Imagine a day of trying to get multiple things done, while your phone continues to ring, the fax goes off, your staff come in unannounced to settle issues and concerns, your disciplining someone for michief and poor conduct, your business partner is needing your immediate attention on grave issues, a government official wants to speak to you for projects being done on the premises and to top it off, you get subpeona from a lwyers office on something you have no recollection of. Whew.. That is exhausting.

However, the day usually works it way out perfectly despite the road blocks.  Do I dare say it was a terrible day?...No, I say it was a productive day.


plumeria*girl said...

I've always known you to be such a positive person. Although I've only seen a glimpse of you under stress, I still admired how you handled yourself knowing that you were ultimately stressed out! Teach me fan...

Road-Block Blogger said...

Teaching how to handle stress??? Hmmm. I don't think you can really teach that, but I think it comes from the persons ability to understand it first and then deal with it as it comes. Keeping your cool and maintaining a positive attitude will always be my major factors of dealing with it. Smiling more often makes a bad day a wonderful day.

Rie Rie said...

Just remember to breathe!

Road-Block Blogger said...

Very true Rie! Breathing is an important facet as well in dealing with stress. lol.

plumeria*girl said...

Do I need to breath with a paper bag in one hand? LOL!

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