Friday, November 14, 2008

Wade is 4 today!

Now you see me and I'm 4 years old...My Wade is in this photo enjoying himself at Pizza hut.

Time does fly, birthdays, special events, holidays, a year of 365 days or 525,600 seems like such a large number but that is the breakdown of how many minutes in one year. Time is precious as it cannot ever stand still.

He sings along on his birthday wishing himself a happy birthday!

That afternoon, Boni and I purchased a cake at Herman's Bakery, the oreo cookie cake that is a favorite of the kids. Of course this was all slated for the evening hours when we get home to be with everyone in celebration of Wade's birthday. Following our closure of a hectic Friday workday, Boni proceeds to get some Dreyers ice cream and I got some cream soda for an ice cream float. I know, we know, too much sugar! Well, we had a nice celebration aside from Peyton, Sommer and Tony not around (it would have been nice to have everyone), we sang the borthday song and Wade sang along.

It's hard to be parenting without the children's presence at all times. I am truly adjusting to this new life I chose for myself, one person told me I have a replacement family, I despise that as I have a wonderful family that is larger than most these days. I have no regrets and only look for more loving times with the children altogether. M wife to be, Boni, I am sure sees the differences in this life we live today. Its challenging, but at the same time very rewarding.

Thank you honey for making this simple birthday celebration something to remember. However simple it is, I am forever grateful.

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