Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Illegal Gambling - Cockfighting!

Kudos to Maryann Calvo for standing up at this illegal gambling activity. It is sad to see an appointed member of the cockfight gaming board as well a former politician seen at this activity enjoying and spurring every moment of what he could possibly win, this is Mr. Pedro Castro. I take it there is no trying to run again given the circumstances in today's paper....Only in the Islands...


Remember the posted article in the papers a couple of years ago about a certain politician, elected leader, trusted community servant, lawmaker, who was off to the Northern Islands on his accord, only to return with illegal poaching of animal species (I cannot fully remember what species or who this person was, but nevertheless) ... Does our elected officials, politicians, trusted community servants, lawmakers, in their own respect and title, have the right to be above the law? Whereas, others who are caught would be punishable by law to it's extreme?

How about this, a former congressman who was pulled over for speeding by an officer of the law a few years back (as it was published in the papers) , his comment was "I am late for house hearing and besides, I make the law, so you cannot give me a ticket!" (Paraphrased to the best of my knowledge)

How does that make you feel? Is it fair to use such power and authority?

Leave your thoughts ....


Hee Jae said...

It's such a shame to see that leaders of the community are breaking the laws and to see that people will let them break the laws without any consequences. The saddest part of thing is that it happens in other parts of the world, too. The biggest difference is that if such incidences make it to the media, it becomes a huge deal in other countries but not here. Oh well..

Road-Block Blogger said...

Well, I don't want to share the same sentiments about the media and it having no influence, but somehow true and I'd like to remain an optimist that things can change.

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