Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fuel Price UP-date 2

One week later, the news comes out on lowering prices....hmmm.

Shell's fuel 30 cents cheaper

Due to the continuing decrease in market costs, Shell Marianas Inc. has once again lowered its prices for regular unleaded, V Power and diesel fuel by 30 cents. 

“Shell's average market cost of regular unleaded, V Power and diesel fuel products continued to decline and Shell will pass these savings on to our customers,” company president Eloy Lizama said in a statement yesterday. 

The new prices will go into effect at midnight Tuesday. Shell last cut its prices Nov. 7, also by 30 cents.  There was no immediate word if Mobil Oil Marianas will also lower its prices but the two companies have traditionally mirrored each other’s price movements. Mobil does not usually issue media statements about price adjustments.

Light sweet crude oil was trading for $55.44 per barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange yesterday.


Self-service $3.43
Full service $3.56

Self-service $3.60
Full service $3.72

Diesel $4.20

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