Sunday, November 9, 2008

Audacious People

Audac-ity(ious) has both the good and demeanor meanings of decribing the person and their attitude, their persona.  I for one look at audacity always on the positive side, but with this post, I will state the demeaning aspects of audacious people and their behavior that surround me from time to time.

Has it ever occured to you that no matter how giving, how supportive, how much help you provide to people who need help seem to turn around at the end and screw you?  I was taken aback when a relative of mine, who I have helped considerably gave me a stink eye after I pulled away my support that was provided for over 2 months... I couldn't believe the selfishness she had and yet not even a thank you for helping, giving, and supporting when in need.

Yup, I have been screwed too many times in this life and maybe, just maybe, it's beacuse I cannot say no in most occassions. Is this a bad way to live a life? Is it an expectation for those who have received help and support over time expect to continue receiving without doing anything for themselves?  Almost sounds like the welfare issues on food stamp, liheap (subsidized utility cost), housing  assistance, and more.  These benefits, however great they are to help people get back on their feet have become erroneously abused for the simple fact of laziness, don't you think?

Food stamps for example, they tell the applicant, "you must find a job, but for the meantime, you will receive these stipends to help you survive".  Many don't even bother to look for jobs, they become accustomed to the system and know all full well, they will receive their check each month.  Wow! Now I hear that Guam offers a much more greater benefit to those who qualify, I was told by some people that when living on Guam with all these benefits, you would 
not even have to lift a finger on finding a JOB.  It's all subsidized and you can live like a king or queen. Being spoiled this way will not help the community, we become increasingly dependant on a system, just like those people who take advantage of people like me who are always helping, giving and supporting.  It does not end...


1nce A Week Writer said...

Very true. I was on foodstamps while I was working part-time and I felt it was a great thing to have at that time. There was actually a limit to how much you can have based on your net income each year. If I made over that standard, I would be denied the next year. Now I felt that I had to maintain a low income just to get foodstamps the following year, wow that was really low. This became my motivation to ditch the foodstamps and move on to make a better living period.

Bon said...

You're more honest than most and you used the help the way it was intended. Unfortunately others do not, and see it as a way to avoid hard work. They make it harder for others who genuinely need the help to receive it.

Road-Block Blogger said...

The very nature of a persons character is showing how far are they willing to sacrifice themselves for others. Although it speaks clearly of those who aren't selfish, but its really those people who give that get shafted each time. It is unfortunate and in due time, we become extremely course in offering any assistance requested.

Subsidy on food, utilities, housing, etc, they're all good for the people, however, not when it is dependent upon for a lifetime. People need to get off there ass and be genuinely independent. Brother, I know you would not have stayed on that subsidy for too long, it's just not you. Boni, thank you for those sweet words.

plumeria*girl said...

Some people just refuse to actually make a living on their own. Their attitude is: why do it if I'm getting something for nothing? So sad, but true.

People like you should be proud of where you stand because you know you can make a living for yourself and yet, still have the compassion to help others in need. If others don't care to give a simple THANK YOU, it's not your loss, it's theirs. They'll come around and try to apologize when they need your help again.....eventually.

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