Friday, October 17, 2008

A Great Nation

"This great nation was not built on the spending of its wealth....This great nation was built on the creating of it's wealth" as I recall was stated by Republican Presidential hopeful Senator John McCain in a recent rally.

As far as I heard in this morning AP news radio broadcast on FM 103.9, I was caught by that statement.  caught in the reason that I find it to be very true.  Our nation created its strength from the economy of greatness.  The economy driven by innovation and creativity stemming from the brilliance of american men and women.  The statement is true everywhere and can be applied even here if we want to.  If we wish to effect change in the way we live, we must start to think innovatively and creatively. We must all look at what little we can do to effect that change we want.  Voice your concerns, get involved, play a role, etc.  We are a small community and it will not change by itself.  

Change is also inevitable.  We must allow for change, but in respect, most do not conform to the need of change because it seems disruptive in what we are all used to.  "It takes one grain of rice to tilt the scale", are you that grain?

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