Sunday, October 5, 2008

Still in Bundang, Korea

Boni placed a new post of her dinner with the kids at Wol Mi Jung.  Yup great food, great company and always a menu that provides a cure for anyones worst hangovers, thats the Korean culture. Well, I am still in Bundang and had more opportunities to see the growing city.  At almost every apartment compound that I have seen, there is a park that is suited for the neighborhood's dynamics.  Strolling along the sidewalks, you will see vendors making their daily sales with a variety of products being sold, a flea market, but neatly designed to not cause congestion and have people move freely to choose and purchase their likes of any kind.

I was taken to see one of the most popular parks in this area. It is called Yuldong Park. A 4.5 kilometer pathway situated around a lake.  rest stops and restaurants includng a bungee jump facility is in this park.  

Again, I was amazed with its beauty.  Polly, here is a photo I was able to acquire via google, sad but true still no camera with me, but I assure you it looks like this. Wouldn't it be nice to see our Susupe lake transformed into something like this? I know there are plans for its development, but not sure exactly where it stands at this point.


Bon said...

Did you try the bungee jump? Looks beautiful. The park I mean, not the bungee tower. When do you get to go to a Starbucks?

plumeria*girl said...

WOW, this picture alone is absolutely amazing!!! Thanks for posting up a picture. I do wish our Susupe Lake would look like this. That would be an awesome place for our visitors and our local community.

Road-Block Blogger said...

Not yet on the Bungee jump, Starbucks, Done. Working early morning to wee hours in the night. Exhaustion takes over. Ouch...

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