Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Life Interest!

I am fascinated by a variety of cultures. I enjoy history and the array of wildlife found on this earth. So in order to satisfy my interest, I read about history, whenever a chance abroad - I visit a museum, watch television shows that pertain to culture, historical beliefs and way of life as well the wonders of the wilderness, it's millions of species in the world. Somehow I cannot get enough of it. It is purely entertaining for me, possibly very boring for others.

Photos like this, intrigue me.  My one dream is to find myself immersed in the African wild, or visit the Amazon to see the Pythons...A dream that would fascinate me, but for now, the closest I'll ever get to that is the television... What is your interest and how would you describe it?


Paguroidea said...


Road-Block Blogger said...

Oh yes... Cryptozoology... Bizarre!

Bon said...

I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.

Road-Block Blogger said...

As long as they sing a unified song and not one of those H_ _E songs... LOL!

1nce A Week Writer said...

The underwater world is what interests me. To see blue everywhere and see how peaceful everything moves under water. I need to try scuba diving someday!

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