Thursday, October 23, 2008

Island Life Quotes

Photo by Masataka Ishii/Rota SongSong Village Lookout

I would like to see what are the most inspiring island life quotes any blogger would come up with. On the Harry Blalock morning radio show today, I heard someone say "Listening is Healing". How true is that? However, it did catch my attention.  It made me think of all the confrontations that have passed through me over the years and even to present day.  If this in fact is a virtue that stands true to its words, then I surely would try it more often to see if it will subside any confrontations.

Akthough I mention about confrontations on how I see this virtue at work, it may be more significant than that.  It could be that of something spiritual, something solace and tranquil for oneself.  That I do see the virtue at its best.  Listening to yourself to heal the very worst of your feelings.  These are simply my opinions to the matter and others may have a different view.

What are your inspiring island life quotes you live by?  Share them by placing them on this post.

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1nce A Week Writer said...

mine is not unique but it goes like life like there is no tomorrow.

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