Friday, October 3, 2008

In Bundang, Korea

I am in Korea for the next 6 days.  The hospitality I am receiving from my partners parents is overwhelming. This is my first night as I write this post indicating my surprise of such wonderful people.   

This place, an apartment complex, which I may add is one of the best looking apartments I have ever seen.  A 7-bedroom unit, over 3,000 square foot of space, an immaculate home built for a small family of 4... Wow... so much space, and beautifully designed architecturally.  Now I wished I had my camera. As I arrived at Incheon Airport, it took about 2.5 hours to get to this place called Bundang.  This place is so developed and its size alone is bigger than Saipan.  Over 1 million people reside in this area. Beautifully designed parks, streams running underneath highways, shopping malls conveniently located.. It is said in Korea "Bundang is closest to heaven" for its charm and beauty.  I have to admit, it is a beautiful place.


Bon said...

I see someone couldn't sleep:) Hope you have a wonderful time and try not to work the whole time okay?

Road-Block Blogger said...

Will try not to work all the time, difficult request though. lol. Yup, couldn't really sleep, not in my bed next to you.

plumeria*girl said...

Okay, that's not fair that you didn't bring your camera so we could get a glimpse of what is known to be "closest to heaven". That place sounds great! You have to tell me more when you get back.

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