Thursday, October 30, 2008

Feel like you've been CHEATED?

I like the post Ed Propst recently made regarding CUC's tight-lip on the fuel surcharge.  Shell and Mobil took a week before we saw the drop in gas price at the pumps.  It's great to get these extra savings, but what about our infamous CUC, have they come full circle in the fuel pricing agenda?

I remember when CUC announced they will reduce the monthly fuel surcharge based on the changing rates of oil per barrel as indicated to be fair to the people. The "Consumer Rights Act"?  Hmmmm.  I am not sure to be exact, but I do believe that they should be pricing the fuel surcharge similar to how the pumps at the stations convert their pricing when necessary.  Although the pumps still move at a week behind, I still say it's better than CUC moving at a month or two behind, Don't you feel like you've been cheated?

Yes, our recent house utility bill dropped significantly, from what it was two months back, but whoah...That was a significant drop that actually helped so much,  Should I thank CUC for this? Crazy to think that they have saved me for that time alone, who knows this next billing will not reflect the change in fuel pricing so they are getting the best of me, you, and the whole CNMI utility paying population.


Bon said...

Although our last bill dropped significantly from the previous outrageous rate, it's still a couple hundred dollars more than it was before this craziness started.

Road-Block Blogger said...

True but we also have to remember those days are gone. Unless the oil price drops down below the $50.00 mark per barrel. It would be nice, but again wishful thinking

1nce A Week Writer said...

Gas prices here in Oregon was at an average $3.99, and so it has dropped to $2.79. I commute 13 miles to work each week and I have gotten used to it, but it does take a toll because i find myself having to gas every four days instead of the normal seven or eight days if i worked closer. I'm glad to hear some type of change in prices at home, but yeah CUC is probably not following their criteria.

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