Monday, October 13, 2008

Fear and Love

I heard a radio broadcast program from the Harry Blalock's morning radio show today.  His guest who I was not able to recognize nor get his name is from Jamaica.  They spoke about the diving industry and how the passion for diving is instilled in the minds of those enthiusiasts who have dove here in our Marianas waters.  I take it from the show that they love it... A plus for the Marianas!
     Dive Photo by Masataka Ishii

Anyways, the thing that got me was the conversation on fear and love and how it is used to drive a persons will or passion for change.  As the program states "it is either of the two that can effect change in your life".  When you think of it, I'd have to agree with the comment.  It is for the sake of love that you work and diligent to provide for yourself and others you hold dear in your life, it is for the sake of fear that you hold back your passion to avoid hurting or in this case suffer the consequences of hardship.  As the program continues, it speaks of majority of the people wish not to move on their passion for the sole purpose of fear, but believe it is love to prevent the hardship. Which is it? What motivates YOU - Fear or Love?

I think to myself, yet another great topic to discuss and ponder on as you develop yourself with each passing day.  I have friends who have lost everything in their lives before they wake up and take all risk to effect change in themselves.  But what if you did not have to lose anything or everything, would you still decide to take that risk? Would you take your fears and move on the path towards your passion?  How far are you willing to go? Would you take your family, husband or wife on this struggle for change,  is fear hindering your movement to progress? How would you define your own fear?

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