Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Turn to Success

Im in Japan, sitting amongst hundreds of Marketing and tourism officials worldwide listening to the make up and recovery of Japans outbound travelers. Interesting enough, there is two sides to this story as to how they will manage to increase Japanese outbound (where the rest of the world will benefit) and how this will impact their economy overall. The basis is simple, tourism is both ways, the movement of people outbound creates such a high demand for countries to look into the country of origin of these tourist and n turn successfully spending high dollars to attract and then theres is the actual tourist themselves spending a pretty penny on their vacation at a destination of their choice and at the very moment, you realize they are Japanese. In one way or another, you will eventually want to see their home in the near future, hence you are now their visitor in return.

On another presentation that had me glued to my seat was the one made by Air This Low Cost carrier Airline embarked a new business model 6 years ago from Malaysia and has redefined what airlines can actually do to make travel affordable, despite the increased in fuel today. Innovation and marketing has turned to success in a time span of 6 years, hats off to them.

When thinking about this, My school LISS is in the same situation, being the pioneer for the CNMIs education-tourism, I am compelled to be innovative and practice uncommon methods to strengthening business, especially in the current economic slump experienced on the island. Air, gave me another drive, an inspiration to push harder and be more creative in the outlook of the business. But then again, Airline and Edcuation business, how do they fit? I know how it does, do you?


Boni said...

They are school buses in the air! I miss you!!

Road-Block Blogger said...

Thats a good one, I didnt think of that. LOL, missing you too.

KAP said...

Airlines are always looking for new markets. Not just the students: they're likely to have visitors and even more likely to want to revisit where they went to school.

You kids are cute

Boni said...

I know. Students who study abroad have parents who visit them. Parents who visit have to live in hotels, eat in restaurants and spend their money in our stores. Cha-ching?

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