Sunday, August 10, 2008

What does it mean to relax and unwind?

It's been long overdue where I would find myself in a very relaxed state of mind. Always working relentlessly towards ensuring a better life for myself as well for those that I hold dear in my heart. What does it mean to really relax and unwind?

Well, this weekend, August 9 & 10, 2008, Boni and I with Donny, Hope, Jayvier, Wayannie and Wade, spent a wonderfully relaxing weekend. Setting up a series of do's and don'ts at home surely made the evenings a change as to what was felt as the weekend getaway vacation home. Needless to say, it was difficult adjusting to every need from the various personalities found in one household. "It's our home, help me me build a home", as Boni states... The weekend nights were no longer filled with noise and unnecessary roughness, but of peace and tranquility. "Isn't it nice when you set some ground rules", added Boni. Yes I responded. I did not realize that my spoiling of the children would one day take charge of me. Yes, I love them so much as I do with all the children equally, but it is also true I must ensure I do not spoil them rotten that one day both Boni and I will have to make drastic changes, better now than later. A lesson that was taught to me as a father who only wishes to provide anything and everything I can physically give. Not the best if we are trying to raise children with respect, obedience and more importantly considerate of everything around them.

Truly a remarkable, intelligent and beautiful woman, I am a fortunate man to have her in my life. Oki-doki, back to the question of what does it mean to relax and unwind? This weekend, most of our time was spent at the American Memorial Park, a beautifully designed park. Atop the hill across the entrance as shown on the photo, under a ficus tree shade, on a plastic straw mat with refreshing juices and water in one hand and on the other a seafood & crab 6" sandwich. This one afternoon of enjoyment made all the stress and thoughts in my mind disappear. Spending the quality time needed for our love ones as well the needed time to sense the perfect romantic, yet family fun time both Boni and I craved for. While she reads a novel (Twilight) laying her head on my thigh and I lay comfortably watching the natural beauty our island possesses. Picture this - beautiful blue sky with shades of grey from rain clouds, bright green trimmed grass, an open field, and a flowering garden surely surpassed my expectations of relaxation for today. As I let myself unwind to take in the scenery, the ambiance and watching the children run across the field of green laughing, jumping, and playing soccer, I saw true enjoyment in their eyes that made me content with my life. I was able to really relax knowing they were happy and both Boni and I had the time to also take that precious little time to enjoy. A truly simple activity, but an extremely rewarding one where we could find time to just relax and unwind.

The night before, was the first time to have a nice bottle of wine, crackers and cheese with some great tasting locally made jam from Expressions, made a world of difference. Following a nice TV series, Boni and I made every attempt to make an evening of fun with eachother. I enjoyed this simple evening and will never forget the laughter and joy we shared. However the outcome of our past lives, this one surely is a weekend to place in the memory blocks of my mind, this weekend had no road-blocks that I could think off, it was perfect. Thank you Boni!


Donna said...

Happiness can be experienced even to the most simple things..and can be best remembered when you share it with the people you love.

Stay happy :-)

Road-Block Blogger said...

That is so true Donna. Thanks for your beautifully placed comment.

bigsoxfan said...

Sweet. Erdene and I are very happy for your family's. It should go without saying; Boni is a class act, glad she found an accompiant. Did I spell that right? Anyway.. Relax and unwind is so much better than spooled up and stressed. mark

Road-Block Blogger said...

That is so true. It is much sweeter to relax and unwind, will do that with Boni more often. Thanks for the comment!

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