Sunday, August 17, 2008

Was this the place where the "Goonies" movie was filmed?

The earlier days of adventure movies such as Indiana Jones, there was also a movie entitled the "Goonies". This highly adventurous childrens movie engages in children tackling the prison breakers, Italian family of thieves on a quest to find the pirates gold to save their home! If I recall correctly.

I bring this up because the ambiance of where my two younger brothers and sister in-law visited, the Oregon Coast, has the familiar setting of when the pirate ship sailed out in the ocean after it was found by the goonies. Is this the place? "The three rocks symbolizing a clue in the map, where a key stone was used to match it up", again this is to the best of my memory.

I just wanted to share what I thought off when I saw this photo. Thanks Gerry and Ryan for taking and sending the photo.


1nce A Week Writer said...

The beach name was cannon beach because they found old ship wreck and cannons on the beach. One and a half hour up north is astoria oregon, they filmed the movie there and they got more rocks on the shore. Cool pix by the way.

Road-Block Blogger said...

Ok, thanks for the correction, It just looks like it as I can recall. Gosh, stating the goonies, makes me sound old doesn't it?

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