Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pink Ghurlz!

Wayannie Pangelinan, my daughter, the youngest of the foursome dance group "Pink Ghurlz". All this started last school year with her friends. They all have a passion for dancing, they aggressively practice afterschool, in between classes, and sometimes on weekeneds when they get together.

On Friday, August 22, 2008. My school (LISS) had a function. An event that highlighted the Muse Park Group farewell. 26 students from Korea who stayed with us for 3 weeks performing their musical numbers in and for the school. The event empashized on talents from broadway musicals, to modern contemporary dances, as well cultural. This is where the Pink Ghurlz came in...I am a proud father, a proud parent, and I was all smiles that day.

Other performances were also led by the Muse Park group and our Korean upper grademen foursome dance team. Boy did they woo the crowd. I am also proud of my students.
That Friday, was a great day! I worried about the weather as the night before and the morning prior to the event, heavy rain showers poured down, I thought we would have a soaking afternoon, but to my surprise, for those 3 hours that I needed, just those 3 hours, the weather turned out very well, but right after, boy did it pour... Yes indeed, a great day alas! No road-blocks for the day...Yay!


Boni said...

Sometimes it just works out nicely. Nannie looks really cute, when does her daddy get to join in on the moves?

Road-Block Blogger said...

If and when I can learn their moves, then just maybe!_!

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