Sunday, August 17, 2008

No Place Like HOME...

Many times, I was asked by friends and family why don't you leave Saipan and move? Many times it has crossed my mind, but where do you go? Where do you start? Will it be a good change? How will you make a living? Of course, these cannot be answered unless tried.

However, I was able to travel around in specific countries such as Japan, Korea, Philippines, Russia, Thailand, United States, and Micronesia. When you think of it and see the different lifestyles, there way of life, I ask myself, could I live here? Work here? Build a life here? Don't get me wrong, all these places I've been to either wooed me or made me wish I was there only for a shorter stay. Big cities, travel cross country, museums, parks, recreational facilities, fast food are that of any metropolitan city that you can see and enjoy, and then there's Saipan. The 48 square mile rock situated in the vast Pacific ocean on the western hemisphere, with limited things to do, but enjoyable if you take to heart and appreciate what is offered. Personally I find that there are more things to do on island that many do not venture out to.

I drive around, I inhale the fresh air, smell the scent of ocean, cut grass, burning of vegetation, see the blooming of the flame trees and other tropical flowers, see tourist walk the streets knowing they are safe, the power outages, the stray animals crossing the street, the dead ones too! The simplicity of island life...At the same time, its hardship and struggles are also apparent and extremely visible today, but nevertheless, it's home...

I am fortunate to have experience what I did and seen the different cultures as I have. I think when a person gets to do such things as I have, it plays a major role in the perspective of life. It makes a strong presence for change. Today, life on Saipan is hard, but its home. Many are leaving for greener pastures while those like me stay behind, like myself I choose to contribute to change ion Saipan, we all call HOME.

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