Saturday, August 16, 2008

Is there really a dooms day?

The Mayan Calendar states the end of the world is slated for December 21, 2012. How true is this unexplainable calendar that even the worlds greatest minds stated that the Mayan calendar is more accurate than that of our current calendars? Doesn't this make you wonder? Is there really a dooms day expected? Do you think the governments are hiding this information to prevent a chaotic response from the total 6+billion people worldwide? Well, from the rock we sit on in the vast Pacific ocean, I tend to wonder about this.

Predictions from people in the past have made an enormous impact of what could really happen. Some predictions have come true from that of Nostradamus and what more if the Mayan calendar is true? Then the saying of "Life is too short", really applies for everyone.

Does the warming up of our planet, the unexplainable natural disasters, the religious beliefs, and the atrocities of war show a significant series of events that were also predicted. Could these prophets really see the future and are we listening? These are questions that through this post cannot be answered.

A few things to consider;

1) Nostradamus wrote Quatrains that described World War III. He indicated that the Anti-Christ would play an important role. Are all of these predictions related to the Mayan Calendar End Date?

2) A 12th planet named Nibiru is also thought to have a 3600 year orbit around our sun. Some people believe that Nibiru will be entering our solar system in the year 2012. Thus, the dooms day prophecy?

If our time on Earth is being counted, then it may be wise to live it. I don't know what the future will have on the Nostradamus predictions and the Mayan calendar, the thing I do know is to make every day of your life count.

Leave your thoughts on this issue...


rrrearden said...

I also have been wondering about this and have come to some of the same conclusions as you.
For one, if it is true and we only have a mere 4 years before life as we know it is destroyed, then yes, I need to make sure every minute is cherished and important.
Two, from what I understand about this prediction is that there could be some survivors. To carry on the knowledge accrued by humans thusfar. (I don't know about this because I certainly don't have all of the knowledge of the human race.)
Another thought is, I try not to dewll on the idea too much because it's like a jack-in-the-box......with a jack in the box, you know it's going to pop, you just don't know when. With this, you know when you just don't know for sure what. It's agonizing.
Also, if the date passes, do you relax and start living the way you did before and then BAM! What do you know, it was right after all, just a few months off.
This is big on my mind lately and I randomly landed on your blog....hmmm

Road-Block Blogger said...

Thanks for your comment! It does make you wonder whether it will come or not, but again, we should live life to the fullest regardless of the calendar.

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